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Sasural Simar Ka 12th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Prerna and Sid are having dinner together on rooftop. Prerna says I made this kheer for you. Sid says it must be good if you have made this. Maani sees them and says I have been waiting for this moment. Prerna is about to make him eat but she pretends that the bowl has slipped from her hand. Prerna says I am really sorry I don’t know.. He says I will change its okay. He goes downstairs. Mani comes in and says what you think? You can fool me this way? You forgot who I am. I am maani. You will be two steps behind. I knew I can’t count on you. So I mixed liquid in this juice and sid has drank it. Everyone is dazed. Prerna says now he will see you everywhere. Even in me. She leaves.
Mataji says don’t worry Prerna we are all standing together now. Nothing can harm us when we are united.

Maani comes to sid’s room and locks the door. They all comes outside. Suddenly maani stone is thrown out of the room. Sid has fixed the mirror inside. So Chandan maani became stone. mata ji says simar come and sit on it. Simar sits on the stone. Sujata says nothing is happening. Prerna says chandan grant said she will become human. Amar opens the door. It is locked. They all break the door and go inside. Prem says where is sid? Mata ji says he was in this roomm I don’t know where he is.
They hear someone saying hurry up. They open the window and look outside.
Maani is getting sid kidnapped by her thugs. Prem says stop. They out him in a jeep and flee. Prem and all others run after them but they had gone.
The car stops. Maani says what happened? Driver says let me check. He says the car is broken down. Mani says take him out. Simar(bee) is there. Prerna is dazed to see her.
Prerna says this means you are alive. Mata ji says no one can harm who is protected by God.
Prerna says you should give up now. You can’t win from us all. Sujata says the one you were fooling us with, she is dead. You have killed her yourself. Maani is dazed. She laughs. Maani says you thought you can win from me? Remember what I told you? I am always two steps ahead of you. WHat you think? That letter, it can fool me? Before this letter I just had a doubt that you were plotting but after reading this letter I was sure. She tears the letter appart. Prerna says that ghunghat woman didn’t know how to write. Mata ji you thought you were fooling me> I was fooling you. That stone you thought is maani was thrown out by me.
Mata ji says you couldn’t flee anyway. we wont let you. Maani says I jsut want my powers back and I need sid for that but you people. I don’t have another option but to get you all killed.

Precap-Maani says to her thugs kill them all. They point guns at them. They start shooting. Prerna screams.

Written Update by Atiba

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