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Sasural Simar Ka 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
roli says what are you doing come downstairs. He says I wanna die. Roli says people who give up are cowards. He says yes I am. I lost my memory and will to live. I am alone and like a living dead body. Roli says in heart I can’t go. I should call sid here. There is a metal ring in his finger tip. She says in heart should I call didi? She says whatever problem you have, you can share with me. I will try to help you. Come sit there please. Roli touches his hand and says your hands are so cold, like ice.
Roli goes out, the man turns into ghost.

Simar says the evil forces I am fighting with will do anything to win.
Madhvi says that simar, why are we quite in front of her. We can kill her and get that chandan maani. Malti says we can’t do that. We wont get a thing that way. Madhvi says why is that so?
Simar recalls devika says chandan maani can’t be snatched or taken by force. It only works when it is given to someone with will.

Precap-Mata ji says what souls are harming my family. Mata ji looks at malti and says what is she doing here? Prem says thats sughanda. She has been living here for a month. Mata ji says she is not sughanda. She is malti, who died years ago.

Written Update By Atiba


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