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Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Indra puts her nail back in. Badi ama says your powers are coming back. Indra laughs. Sid says what have you done prem. The window closes. Amar says I know what to do. Come with me. Sid says what? Amar says there is a guru ji. Sid says I cant leave him alone here. Amar says we cant do anything standing here. Indra wont let prem die but she will kill us. Sid says you are right. We have to do something.
Indra says when you have proved that you wanna give this relationship then i trust you. Once you are in my life i will bring roli and simar back. Prem goes to his room. Badi amma says I know you love prem but decision of bringing roli and simar back is not right. Indra says I am not stupid. I will never let them out. You have to do one more thing for you. You have break their strength.
Do something that they break their navratri fasts.

In bharadwaj house, doorbell rings. Uma opens. Its mata ji with injuries. Uma is dazed.
In jungle, Mata ji says i don’t feel good. Sujata says I feel the same. We should call and ask sid if everything is okay. Khushi checks her phone and says I have network. She calls sid.
Mata ji asks sid how is Prem? Sid says we came here to save him. He tells them everything. Sujata gets worried. She says i hope amar and sid are safe. Mata ji says i dont know why am I still so worried. There is something wrong somewhere.

The impersonated mata ji enters the house. She says we were passing the jungle that badi amma attacked me. They all take her in. Mata ji says i can’t jump take these candles from the door. uma puts them aside. They take her in. Its badi amma.

Prem recalls his moments with simar. He says please stop all this God. Suddenly winds start to blow. Prem faints. Indra says i have removed half of the memories, I will remove rest soon as well.
Is he pretending? She nibs him with her nail.
Sankalp says mata ji let me dress up your wound. Mata ji says let me do arti once then all my wounds will heal. I want to do the pooja. Uma says okay mataji. As you wish. I am bringing it. Mata ji says you all go to temple. They all go to temple. Mata ji says in heart once the pooja plate is here.. Uma comes in. Mata ji says bring the new plate. Uma says okay. Badi amma does her magic on the arti plate. She says once God is mad at them no one can save them.
Uma wonders whats wrong with mata ji. Mata ji says why are you looking at me like this? Uma says you will do the pooja. Mata ji says you will do the pooja today. Uma says I will do it well I promise.

In jungle, Mata ji says I am really worried.
In bharadwaj house, Uma takes in the food and arti in the temple. Rajhinder gets a call. Its mata ji. He is dazed. Mata ji says it me. he turns and looks at the impersonated mata ji. Mata ji says why are you not saying anything?

Precap-Badi amma says give me these pots then go wherever you want. Mata ji gives her the pots.

Written Update By Atiba


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