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Sasural Simar Ka 11th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Prem says to mataji what are you saying simar is a bee? mata ji says it sound difficult to believe but this is truth. Sujata says a bee? Prem says the woman living with is that ghughat woman? Rajhinder says how is that possible. Prerna tells them how baba made her bee. Pari says but where is she? Prerna says she is here. Mata ji says wait a minute, She picks simar up. Mata ji says here is your simar. Everyone is dazed. Prerna says I know its not easy to believe but this truth. Sujata says simarr please say something. Sujata says why is she not speaking. Prerna says only I can hear her. Jhanvi says I am not getting anything. Mata ji tells them everything. Prem takes simar from mata ji in his palm. Prem says forgive me simar I couldn’t recognize you. I let someone else close to me. Please forgive. Prem recalls every time a bee annoyed him while he was with fake simar.
Prerna says I know you are all in pain to see her that way. We have to win this war against that maani. If simar has to be human again that can be done through maani agaain.
Mata ji says when maani sees her mirror she will become stone and simar will sit on her and become human.
Prerna says she is trying to get Sid close to me. She thinks we don’t know that she doesn’t have simar. Prem says sid has left out of city. prem says tell him as soon as sid is home and don’t let maani know that fake simar has died.
Maani knocks and says simar are you there? Prerna says if she sees us all she will know.
Prerna says we will all hide in washroom. Prem try that she leaves this room asap. They all hide in washroom.
Prem opens the door and says Simar is in washroom she is taking shower. I will tell her you came. She leaves. They all come out. Uma says we have to find a way, Prerna says I have an idea..

Maani is in her room. She says its been two hours where is that fake simar. She is so careless. Anjali comes to her and says mama sent this letter for you. Maani reads,I am sorry. I have to go out of sid. Thanks because of you I have simar’s identity, Simar.
Maani comes downstairs. She sees everyone is talking to simar on phone. Karuna says enjoy a lot. we will handle here. Sujata says don’t come soon. enjoy there with prem. Mata ji says okay take care. Mata ji says after so long they got chance to go out together.

Prerna is waiting downstairs. Sid comes in. Prerna says thank God you came. i wanted to say.. Maani comes in and says you can talk later let him calm down. Sid says no its okay. Prerna says no you go rest i will bring tea. Prerna says in heart i want to slap you but we will need you to get simar back.
Mata ji says to sid.. I wanted to say.. She sees maani? Mata ji says nothing to freshen up. Mataji says We will need to tell him truth.
Mata ji later says to sid come sit. Maani says what are you people talking about? Mata ji says was asking about his new order. Prerna serves them tea. Maani gives tea to Sid herself.
Prerna says to simar I would have texted sid but his phone is on charging. Simar says do something please. Someone knocks. Simar hides. Maani comes in with kheer. Maani says give this to sid. Prenra says I? Maani says yes when you both eat on roof.
Prerna says in heart how she knows? Maani says you are thinking how I know? I know everything. You are thinking right. I have mixed a liquid in this kheer. sid will lose control and I know what to do next. do you wanna save simar or not? Give this kheer to sid and make him eat.

Precap-Maani says to Prerna I mixed liquid in this glass. Sid drank the juice. Sid will see you everywhere even in me. Now think what you can do next I am going to Sid.

Written Update by Atiba

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