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Sasural Simar Ka 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Thakurain will come from her auto, raju and the opposite person are fearful. Raju says give us yet another chance we will see her. Belief us remember to. Thrukarin suggests until when will she disguise? I will see her.

Mohini states to sunanda we cant discover an even better destination to conceal. She will’t discover us here. Sunanda says we should go from below after completing our perform, if she obtain us she wont go away us.

The haldi ceremony starts, uma suggests shade and odor of turmeric exhibits the exertions you have completed on it. Uma suggests i hope they bind them collectively. roli says we will all get pleasure from jointly. Pari states I used to be in search of you both, i wanna show you one thing. I really need to teach you amar’s hard work. A person is maintaining a tally of them. Roli areas the turmeic and leaves. That female puts some rose petals during the turmeric. She dips her finger in it.

mata ji says amar your home appears to be like so excellent, you’ve got gotten in decorated it very perfectly. Uma suggests there is a Particular reason guiding it. Amar suggests what motive? Pari says you realize when you’re employed in Close friend’s wedding day you Obtain your own relationship fastened quickly, amar laughs. Mohini comes in and says excuse me. Amar claims you should have named me, why you came oneself. We all know that you are new listed here, we will help you. ROli states Enable her speak amar. Roli claims what had been you saying? Mohini states can I have a cylinder and many utensil. I’ll Prepare dinner some food for my Mother. Roli says you might have it, however , you cant Prepare dinner. For four days all the community will probably be possessing food here. Its my didi and jeju’s wedding ceremony. SHe suggests you folks have performed much for us already. Amr states we wont like it when you say no to wedding day invitation. Mohini suggests alright I’ll appear. Uma suggests i will send out you tea and breakfast. But you’ve jin us in haldi. She states ok and leaves. When mohin goes out she sees Thakurain’s Adult men. The attempts to hide her experience and go However they quit her. Raju states we ran a lot of after you, where by will you go now? Sunanda is fearful why is still not again. she goes out to determine where by mohini is. she sees mohini standing in front of those Gentlemen. Mohini sees spices and puts them within their eyes, she commences jogging, they chase her. Simar is available in balcony and sees mohini jogging, and then Adult men chasing her. she says who’re they and why are they working immediately after her. There is a thing Improper.

mohini goes working to the market. She hides behind and hawk. Raju and the other guy try to look for her. The see her and start chasing yet again. Mohini is exhausted. She hides behind a stall. Amar sees her and asks her to sit down. He goes to raju and states have you been searching for a girl? They demonstrate amar he picture. amar states yes I’ve observed her she has long gone into the dhaba. They say in which is dhaba? He provides them a path.

Khushi claims mata ji we shouldn’t lease this property. uma claims she correct. Sujata claims mata ji we should rethink I do think. Sunanda claims we are now in hassle why would we damage another person. Simar suggests Whatever you signify? She suggests I’ll inform you when my daughter is again. Mata ji says don’t stress we are going to be with you and khushi we can easily’t come to a decision before knowing the whole factor. mohini will come saying maa.. Amar is by her facet. She hugs sunanda. Simar says you will be safe below. Roli states notify us the reality, don’t be afraid. Sunanda suggests we’re from a village my spouse was a police officer, he was murdered a month in the past. A girl from our village killed him. Everyone is dazed. Sunanda suggests she’s a witch, she kills young Children to enhance her powers. My partner was investigating in opposition to her. He arrested her but she ran absent. she put her gaze on my partner, each time a witch sees an individual like that they drop their lives. I and my daughter would be the witness. SImar retains her hand to console her, she suggests why are you chilly? like you haven’t any blood movement. Khushi touches her and says witches are this chilly.

Precap-Sid offers rose to anjali and suggests give it to mama and states papa has sent it. Anjali offers her rose and states papa have it mama. Simar smiles.

Written Update By Sahir


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