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Sasural Simar Ka 11th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Khushi sneaks into Mataji’s room and looks for the waist band. Mataji is asleep.
he is in tears. Khushi says please help me God. she opens the locker and finds the waist band in t.
Simar sees her.Everyone gather in hall simar says please tell us what it is khushi. we are all with you. Khushi recalls Patali’s threat.Khushi says let me tell I have started sleep walking. Everyone is dazed. She says I start sleep walking and dancing i dont know. pari says what are you saying. Uma says you are still a dancer. Mataji says control your tongue. Khushi says i am sorry. Mataji says are you in your senses now? Go to your room and sleep.

Simar says to Khushi is everything okay? khushi says i am fine. You know I left all this drama, but this drama doesn’t leave me, i am going to sleep. Simar says in heart there is something wrong with Khushi. There is something. I will ask her tomorrow. Maybe she would want to tell me. Simar goes to her room she felt like someone was there with pillar. Patali hides.
Simar goes to her room. Devika sees the waist band and hangs it. simar comes to her room. Simar sits her waist hurts. She says what is happening to me? I cant bother anyone right now. I should try to sleep.
Patali says half of the work is done. Simar goes to bed and tries to sleep.
Patali before eclipse this should end. Simar says what is happening with me. She tries to pick herself up. Patali says my name is a eclipse on your life.

Everyone comes simar’s room. They try to pick her up. Simar can’t even sleep. She says how will I be okay. I have been like this all night. I cant move. I didn’t want to annoy you all. Sid moves her foot. Sid says I will be back. He says come with me mtaji.Mataji goes out with her. They all go out. Khushi looks at simar in tears. She says I a sorry i cant help you.
Precap-Devika says I have a friend. i think i should call her for simar’s treatment. she is a guru.

Written Update By Atiba


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