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Sarojini 8th October 2015 Written Update

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Doctor informing Dushyanth that Soumendra’s bullet wound got infected and infection has spread to whole body, so his hand may have to be amputated. Dushyanth gets worried for Soumendra.

Sapna enters Manisha’s room with food and sees her dancing on hip hop song holding Soumendra’s pic and thinks she will enjoy her suhagraat with soumendra’s photo itself and if she becomes pregnant before her, babuji/Dushyanth will not spare her. Manisha asks if she liked her danced and says she could not dance in her marriage, so she is dancing now. Sapna gives her food and leaves. She goes down and complains Dadi and Nirjhara that Sapna is dancing weirdly. Sapna comes down with food and throws glass on them and says who made this tasteless food, even her house’s animals will not eat it. All 3 deny. She continues shouting that she will not each such tasteless food. Sarojini enters and says she cannot insult food. Manisha says it may be in Sarojini’s poor house, but in her house, even animals will not east this food. Sarojini leaves. Sapna praises her for confronting Sarojini. She asks Sapna to go and prepare tasty food now. Daadi says she will prepare and send it to her room.

Sarojini receives anxious for Soumendra and thinks of calling doc. Manisha comes and holds knife on her neck and suggests she was likely to Lower apples with it and claims she is her sautan. Sarojini claims she married Soumendra’s pic, so she doesn’t look at her marriage, so she’s not her soutan. Manisha suggests she was selected for Soumendra initial and wore his title’s locket, so she’s soumendra’s initial wife and her sautan and states bullet would’ve strike Sarojini as an alternative to Soumendra. Their argument continues and Manisha asks Sarojini to go back to Delhi. Sarojini says she’ll go to Delhi with Soumendra soon. Manisha claims it is actually her desire. Sarojini claims let us see.

Doc tells Dushyanth that he has known as expert. Dushyanth phone calls Bhaskar who offers phone to Nirjhara and tells her to have 2 lakhs from locker and give it to Bhaskar. She asks why two lakhs. He states Soumendra bought full overall body an infection, so doc advised to amputate his hand to save his lifestyle. She asks if her son will probably be saved if hand is amputated. He suggests Certainly and asks her to send out cash shortly. Full loved ones hears her discussion and crying that she will look after her son. Sarojini asks what transpired to Soumendra and why did not she tell her initially. Manisha claims she doesn’t have to bother with her spouse. Nirjhara continues crying.

Precap: Soumendra’s situation worsens in medical center and he gasps for air.

Written Update By Sahir


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