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Sarojini 7th October 2015 Written Update

Sarojini packs her suitcase and thinks dadaji is right, she has to go from here with Sumer. Sangram singh sends electronic items and furniture as Manisha’s dowry. Dushyanth with family gets very happy and praises that this is called laxmi coming home. Nirjhara says now she believes she bore a son and got a price for it. Bhaskar says he invited whole village for muh dikhayi and everyone will be coming soon. Dushyanth asks Nijhara to prepare juice and snacks and serve whole village, let them know that his real bahu came. Dadaji says whatever he says, Sarojini is real bahu.

Manisha comes wearing western outfit and asks how is she looking. Dushyanth and family are shocked to see her new avatar and Dushyanth says she looks beautiful in saris. Manisha says she wore sari on her mom’s insistence and never likes saris. Sapna intervenes. Manisha says she cannot be in drape herself in pile of clothes like her as she feels very hot.

Sarojini comes and says she is going to meet Soumendra. Dushyanth says she cannot meet him as he is resting. Manisha says she cannot meet her husband. Sarojini says she is Soumendra’s legally wedded wife and nobody can stop her from meeting her husband, neither she nor anybody here. Dushyanth says if not human, their rituals can and says when pooja happens, women don’t go out. Sarojini says she obeyed him even after knows it is superstition, but today she will not obey him as he does not consider manisha and Soumendra’s marriage. Manisha says she is speaking excessively and says pointing gun on Sarojini says she cannot meet her husband. Sapna says she saw in films 2 women fighting for a man, now she is seeing directly, looks like they are progressing. Sarojini tries to leave, Manisha holds her hand. Dushyanth asks Manisha why is she spoiling her mood, he will not let Sarojini go out. Nirjhara says if she does not understand what they are saying and if she does not obey, she will be thrown in dark cell. Dadaji says till now she has obeyed all orders, even now she should obey and let Soumendra rest. Sarojini thinks this is not right time to go, else they will all know about her plan.

Dushyanth asks Everybody to disperse now. He will get doc’s contact that Soumendra is in crucial affliction. He asks Bhaskar to get auto out. Sarojini asks if Soumendra is okay. He asks her to stop her black tongue and never stick to him and leaves with Bhaskar. Nirjhara murmurs what happened to Soumendra. Manisha retains her tightly and says she appears to be cute stressing and claims her papa considers her quite lucky, nothing at all will take place to Soumendra. She asks Sapna to arrange a little something as she is very hungry. Sapna thinks her spouse’s existence is in peril and he or she would like to consume.

Indira with dadaji brings food stuff for Sarojini and requests to get it. Sarojini cries and claims she is concerned about Soumendra, what might have doc advised Dushyanth. Indira asks her not to worry, bhaiya will probably be fantastic, and asks again to acquire some thing.

Doc introduces Dushyanth into a professional who claims Soumendra’s hand has absent numb on account of infection spreading whole human body and if medicines don’t perform, he can have to cut soumendra’s a person hand.

Precap: Nirjhara tells Sarojini and Manisha that Soumendra’s wound is now toxic and an infection unfold to his full physique. Manisha retains knife on Sarojini’s neck.

Written Update By Sahir


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