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Sarojini 7th November 2015 Written Update

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The episode starts with Nirjhara looking

at Dushyanth’s face and breaking fast.

Dushyanth signals to beat her. Daadi asks

everyone to finish their pooja. Sarojini

stands in front of Soumendra. Manu says

she is Soumendra’s wife and will perform

pooja. Soumendra says Sarojini is his

wife. Manu says when Soumendra and

Sarojini have not consummated their

marriage yet, they are not husband and

wife. Soumendra asks to stop rubbish.

Manu says she is her wife. Soumendra says

Sarojini is his wife and he is not afraid

of Manu or her father, so he will kick

manu out of his house. Dushyanth stops

Soumendra. Manu starts cribbing again.

Soumendra says Dushyanth got her married

to his pic and not him, so he is not her

husband and she should get out from this

house. Manu holds his feet and pleads not

to send her out and says she has recorded

their consummation video. Dadi says she saw that video and Manu is Soumendra’s real wife, so Sarojini should go from this house.

Soumendra says he will not accept Manu as his wife. Dushyanth shouts that Manu married Soumendra with all the rituals in front of everyone and after consummating marriage, Soumendra is disowning her. Sarojini will go out of this house as she destroyed his dignity. Because of her, Indira was caught red handed with Goonga. He punished Goonga, but cannot punish Indira.

Sarojini asks how can he badmouth about his daughter and says Indira was trapped in a family’s dirty trick and asks Manu if she is telling right. Manu says she does not know anything. Sarojini says she did this to get intimate with Soumendra. Dushyanth asks her to shut up and says he does not have place in his house for low class woman like her. Sarojini is shocked to hear that. Dushyanth says Sarojini and Indira will both get out of this house, Sarojini after breaking her marriage and Indira after getting married. He cannot see Indira’s face. Now, Manu is Soumendra’s wife after consummation and Sarojini should get out before he disgraces her dignity. Daadi comments Soumenra brought such a bad bahu.

Sarojini runs and locks hersel in a room. Soumendra follows her saying he did not do anything and Manu is lying, he cannot think of anyone else except Sarojini.

Manu jumps on bed saying she promised Soumendra she will get him at any cost and today they got one.

Indira tells Nirjhara that she told her truth and did not do anything, but babuji wants her married to a stranger, she does not want to marry. Dadaji says he will not let this happen. He knows Soumendra and Indira are innocent. Nirjhara says even she thinks same. Dadaji says Sarojini is blamed unnecessarily for all this, don’t know what she must be going trough.

Sarojini and Soumendra cry sitting near door. Soumendra says Sarojini that she taught him to love and made him human, this is just beginning. Sarojini asks him to leave her alone. He says he cannot get away from her even for a second. She says again please go. Tadap tadap ke is dil se…song..plays in the background. Sarojini cries vigorously reminiscing Manu coming out of Soumendra’s room. Soumendra cries reminiscing his marriage with Sarojini.

Dushyanth passes by and asks Soumendra if he is also shameless like Sarojini and says Manu wants to follow patni dharm, but he is sitting in Sarojini’s feet. He drags Soumendra’s hand. Soumendra says it is his personal issue and he should not intefere. Manu brings Soumendra’s clothes and says when they are one, their room should also be one.

Precap: Sarojini says Soumendra she will remove curtain from Manu’s half truth. She gets dizzy. Soumendra holds her and says he cannot see her like this.

Written Update By H Hasan


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