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Sarojini 5th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Soumendra’s pheras with Sangram’s singh’s daughter Manisha. Sarojini reaches with mamaji and asks where is Soumendra. she asks Dadaji and Indira. Dushyanth says she came late and marriage is over. Sarojini again asks where is Soumendra, without him how can marriage happen. Manisha shows Soumendra’s pic and says her marriage with Soumendra is over. Dushyanth says nothing can be done now and and asks pandit if marriage is over. Pandit says yes, Soumendra and Manisha are husband and wife now. Sarojini says she is Soumendra’s wife and marriage cannot happen with photo. She repeatedly asks where is Soumendra, if they did something to him. Dushyanth says as per plan, he was suppose to bring Soumendra here, but when he sat in jeep, he fell unconscious. Dushyanth takes back Soumendra to hospital where doc tells he gave sleeping pill by mistake. He continues that he could not stop marriage, so he asked Manisha if she will marriage Soumendra’s pic and she agreed, hence marriage happened.

Sarojini says Manisha she is already married to Soumendra. Sangram says he knew everything, Dushyanth informed him before. He reminisces Dushyanth informing Sangram and family about Sarojini and Soumendra’s marriage, but he wanting Soumendra to divorce Sarojini and marry Manisha. He continues that Sarojini lured Soumendra with her tricks and married Soumendra. Manisha says she accepted Soumendra as her husband already and by hook or crook marry him. Dushyanth says Sarojini that he informed Sangram’s family everything already and not a trickster like her.

Sarojini says marriage isn’t going to come about with Photograph. Manisha claims just like Soumendra carried Sarojini and did pheras, she carried Soumendra’s Picture and did pheras, there isn’t any difference. Dadaji suggests You will find there’s enormous change, Soumendra enjoys Sarojini and married her and will not really like Manisha. Dadaji asks him to shut up. Dadaji asks him why is he troubling Sarojini and Soumendra. Sangram claims he himself arrived and dorned Soumendra’s name locket on Manisha’s neck. Dushyanth asks if he did or not. Mamaji claims when boy and Female turn out to be Grownup, they’ve got right to marry one another and no-one can object. Visitor interrupts and suggests that rule will not hold proper in this article, it is just for metropolis. Manisha suggests yet again she married Soumendra’s photo in his absence, so her relationship if above. Dushyanth claims Manisha herself can deal with Sarojini and her mama. Mama says He’ll visit law enforcement. Dushyanth says He’ll contact SP and collector below itself and says he really should operate with Sarojii to Delhi today.

Precap: Sangram asks Dushyanth what else he desires in dowry and provides gun as present to Manisha and claims she must rule this property and desires gun for that.

Written Update By Sahir


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