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Sarojini 5th November 2015 Written Update

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Sarojini asking Indira and Goonga to tell what happened. Goonga points at Sangram’s goon and says this man pleaded to bring him daughter from room and when he entered room someone hit him on his head and he fell unconscious. Indira tells when she called Goonga on his phone, she heard him pleading that he is not thief. She did not want to inform babuji as he was angry on her and went herself to market to find what happened. Same man told Goonga is in this room and when she entered room, he locked door from outside. Sarojini thinks someone at home must be behind this and reminisces Manu behaving weirdly and sending everyone out of house. She tells Indira there is something more to it and they should go home right now. They both run towards home.

Sarojini with Indira reaches home and sees main door locked. She finds dadaji also out and asks why door is locked. Dadaji takes her backside and gets her into balcony via ladder. Nirjhara passes through balcony and asks why is she coming from here. Sarojini says she will tell later and asks her to open main door first as Dadaji and Indira are standing outside.

Manu gets intimate with inebriated Soumendra who thinks her as Sarojini and consummates marriages (according to Manu). Sarojini knocks door. Manu opens it and corrects her dress. Sarojini is shocked to see her sari and hair out of order and looks at Soumendra sleeping wearing west and pajama with lipstick marks on his body. She asks Manu what did she do with Soumendra. Manu says whatever wife does to her husband and walks into her room laughing. Sarojini stands in a shock.

Sarojini then goes to Manu’s room and asks what proof she has that Soumendra approved her. Manu displays her mobile and states everything is recorded Within this mobile. She then taunts her that she challenged to kick her outside of home in two times, but her connection with Soumendra strengthened. She grew to become suhagan and Sarojini abhagan. Now, Sarojini is nobody to soumendra and will get out of the household and pushes her away from room.

Sarojini walks in the shock reminiscing Manu’s words. Indira stops her and asks what transpired. Dadaji asks if Soumendra is ok. She says she’s going to inform later on and and runs in the direction of Soumendra’s space. Nirjhara arrives and asks what is happening. Indira says even she isn’t going to know.
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Sarojini will take Soumendra near dwelling borewell and splashes h2o on him asking regularly to awaken. Soumendra receives into senses and asks why is she throwing water on him. She asks how dare he is to that. He asks what did he do. She asks why did not he comprehend it was not her.

Precap: Soumendra tells Manu she doesn’t have correct to accomplish karva chauth quickly for him. She claims he himself consummated relationship with her and manufactured her his wife.

Written Update By H Hasan


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