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Sarojini 3rd November 2015 Written Update

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Manu getting happy seeing Sarojini serving her herb mixed milk to Soumendra. She thinks that Soumendra will be definitely hers tonight.

Nirjhara cries reminiscing Dushyanth’s words. Dushyanth enters. She asks to forgive him. He throws her out of room and locks door. She cries more thinking she was just saving her daughter and is being punished. She will not break fast until Dushyanth feeds her water.

Indira waits for Goonga to return from tailor shop. Landline phone rings. She picks phone and hears Goonga pleading someone to leave him as he was just going to next tailor shop and came here. She thinks of informing Soumendra but thinks he just went to rest and she cannot even inform Bhaskar as he is babuji’s puppet. She herself leaves to find him. Manu sees that and smirks that her plan is working well.

Indira reaches market and asks people if they saw goonga. Sangram singh’s goon tells he saw him confined in a room nearby. She enters room adn goon locks it from outside. She slips and falls on goonga and asks how did he come here. He says someone told his daughter is stuck inside, so when he came in he locked door from outside. Indira also informs the whole incident happened.

Neighbor ladies come to Dushyanth’s house. Manu asks Sapna why are they coming in. Sapna says they will play drama until moon sighting for timepass. Manu gets happy. Drama starts with Sapna enacting as Dushhyanth and a lady enacting as Nirjhara. Sapna scolds lady like Dushyanth.

Sangram’s goons start shouting that a woman is romancing a boy in locked place. Sangram arises from at the rear of and phone calls Dushyanth that his devi daughter is accomplishing sin in this article that has a boy in a very locked room. Sangram can take his gun and walks out. Dadaji stops him and asks where is he heading with gun. Dushyanth suggests Indira is undertaking sin that has a boy in certain locked place. Dadaji claims it can’t be. Dushyanth leaves angrily to sector.

Indira tells Goonga that someone really wants to defame them. Goonga suggests He’ll do anything. Just then, Sangram’s goon inserts metal wire via door gap and tears Indira’s dress. Goonga gives his shirt to hide her modesty and becomes topless. Sangram thinks Sarojini troubled his daughter, he will acquire revenge from Indira for that.

Dadaji informs Sarojini about Indira. Sarojini goes to inform Soumendra and sees him inebriated and chatting weirdly. Manu states he will need to have eaten bhang. Dadaji asks Sarojini to go shortly just before Dushyanth harms Indira. Sarojini leaves and Manu smirks contemplating her prepare is Doing the job beautifully, now she will entice Soumendra.

Precap: Sarojini comes again house immediately after rescuing Indira and sees main door locked. Manu gets personal with Soumendra. Sarojini walks in by using back doorway.

Written Update By H Hasan


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