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Sarojini 31st October 2015 Written Update

Police arresting Dushyanth and taking him with them. Nirjhara starts yelling at Sarojini that because of her Dushyanth is going to jail. She will get back her husband at any cost as today is karva chauth. She takes Goonga along.

Sarojini with dadaji brings Indira home. Manu says it is good if nanad is with her during karva chauth pooja. Dadaji says Dushyanth is arrested for trying to kill Indira. Daadi yells that it would have been better if Indira would have died. Sarojini says already Indira is in a shock, she is yelling at her more. Sapna yells that because of Sarojini, her husband is in jail, how will she perform karva chauth pooja now. Dadi says nobody will perform pooja today. Manu thinks because of this granny, she cannot perform pooja. Nirjhara enters and says inspector did not let her meet Dushyanth and Bhaskar. She then starts yelling at Sarojini that because of her, her god is in jail, her duty is to serve her husband and get mukti from this world, etc… She tells Sapna that they will have do karva chauth pooja for their husbands.

Dadaji tells Soumendra that Indira is saved because of Sarojini today. Soumendra says he should fast for Sarojini instead.

Indira packs her bags. Soumendra and dadaji ask what is she doing. Indira says after today’s event, babuji’s anger has increased and he will try to kill her for sure after he is out of jail and nobody can hold him in jail for longer, so she wants to go before he comes.

Madhu gets ready singing sajna hai mujhe…song.. and praises herself that she is looking very beautiful. She takes out pills and thinks she will mix them all in Soumenra’s drink and lure him today.

Daadi, Sapna, Nirjhara with Manu start badmouthing about Saorjini. Sarojini enters with pooja thali and they all get jealous. Soumendra comes with dadaii wearing sherwani. He dorns Sarojini’s pallu on her head. Sarojini gets shy and says everyone are looking at them. He says let them look and says he wants to stare her forever. Aankon ke panno se..mai hoon hero in the background..Dadi jealousy says every dog gets its day and tells Manu that one day Soumendra will also praise her like he praises sarojini.

Dadi tells her puppets allow us to perform karvachauth pooja. Sarojini suggests Soumendra she experienced taken oath to accomplish pooja only immediately after she rescues Indira and he or she did that. These days, babuji will appear modified and will really like his children. Dushyanth enters and throws pooja thali and says from these days karva chauth will likely not occur In this particular residence, they act as respecting Guys but insult them as a substitute.. Sarojini says with pooja, associations bolster. Sapna and Nirjhara yell that thanks to her associations are in danger.

Dushyanth shouts that everybody need to do pooja and split quick, except Nirjhara as she complained from him and she is no extra his wife. She will likely not crack quickly now. He carries on scolding her. Nirjahra pleads to forgive her, but he pushes her and leaves. Sarojini and Soumendra decide her up. Nirjhara claims she punished her god, so she’s going to speedy now. Daadi claims Dushyanth will not arrive currently in front of her, then how will she break rapidly. Nirjhara suggests if her love for Dushyanth is true, he will arrive before her. Sarojini thinks a spouse is ready to die for her husband, but partner is so arrogant and disrespects her.

Precap: Sarojini provides milk to Soumendra. Manu smirks pondering following drinking milk, Soumendra is going to be hers right now.

Written Update By H Hasan


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