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Sarojini 30th October 2015 Written Update

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Dushyanth performing pooja on confined Indira. Soumendra and dadaji find goonga tied and thrown on road. Once freed, Goonga says Dushyanth and team tied and threw him here. He heard them talking about immersing Indira in a lake behind Guruji’s ashram. They all 3 then head towards lake.

Dushyanth and his men carry Indira in a palanquin towards lake. Dushyanth then tells Indira that he loves her a lot, but respects devi more. He stands turning his face behind. Guruji asks Bhaskar to go if he cannot see his sister’s immersion. Bhaskar says he will watch it and if he cannot, he will turn his face.

Soumendra’s bike breaks down and he starts runing with dadaji and goona. Ispector passes by in jeep and asks what happened. Soumendra requests him to take him near lake and gets into jeep.

Dushyanth’s Adult men tie pots all around Indira and toss her into lake. Sarojini beats guruji’s goons and rushes to lake. She sees Indira drowning, jumps into lake and rescues her. Soumendra reaches with inspector. Sarojini asks inspector arrest pretend guruji. Guruji suggests he just followed thakur saheb/Dushyanth’s order. Dushyanth scolds Guruji and claims He’s lying. Soumendra suggests now he realized how these faux babas use innocent individuals. Dushyanth scolds him that he would’ve gave delivery to some snake in lieu of him. Dadaji asks if he fulfilled father’s obligation and orders inspector to arrest Dushyanth.

Inspector arrests Dushyanth. Nirjhara stops inspector, but he suggests he can’t assist and can take Dushyanth. Nirjhara starts off yelling at Sarojini that she wouldn’t have come under her talks and complained against Dushyanth, nowadays is karva chauth and she is observing her spouse intending to jail. She’s going to convey her husband again at any Charge. Sarojini and Dushyanth are stunned to check out her changing again to her first tone.

Precap: Sarojini says she is performing karva chauth pooja for family’s goodness and Dushaynth will come back home changed. Dushyanth enters and throws pooja thali and shouts when they are insulting men, they cannot perform karva chauth pooja.

Written Update By H Hasan


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