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Sarojini 2nd December 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with Manu insisting Soumendra to sign divorce papers of his and Sarojini. He says he will never do that. She says if he does not, then Sarojini will spend her whole life in jail and will come out only after getting old. He helplessly signs papers. Chan se jo tute koyi sapna….song…plays in the background. She then asks to get Sarojini’s signature. He walks down with limping gait.

Dushyanth speaks to his lawyer and asks him to get Nirjhara out of all allegations and send Sarojini to jail permanently. Soumendra passes by without hearing his conversation. Dushyanth gets tensed seeing him but relaxes seeing him walking silently.

Soumendra goes near Sarojini locked room door. Sarojini sees him tensed and asks him not to worry. He says if she trusts him. She says more than herself. He says whatever he is doing is for their betterment and contiues emotional dialogues. She asks what happened to him, if everything is alright.

He says Manu. She asks what did she do now. Manu comes and gathers whole family. She asks constable to get Sarojini and Nirjhara out. Constable obeys her. Sarojini comes out and asks Soumendra what is he telling. He gives her papers. He asks what is this. He says divorce papers. She starts crying vigorously and asks how dare he is to think of divorcing her. He broke her trust and left in despair. She thought he would get her out all the problems and will stand with her in her thins and thicks. He says this house is not for her and she will not survive in it, so she should go from here. She says her life is with him and she will not go. He pleads to go folding his hands for her future happiness. She says he is her happiness. He says he is a sorrow for her, he will not let her suffer anymore. She says she will not sign it.

He asks Dushyanth to explain her. She says she will go to jail and face any problem but cannot live without Soumendra. Dushyanth says Soumendra is right, she has to go from here and sign papers. Sarojini says she will not. Manu interferes. Sarojini asks to stay away. Manu says Soumendra has already signed papers and she shoud also sign it without making any drama.

Precap: Manu forces Sarojini to sign divorce papers. Sarojini signs and walks out crying. 

Written Update By H Hasan


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