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Sarojini 29th September 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with Sangram singh coming to Dushyanth house and asking if marriage preparations are done. Dadaji realizes that Dushyanth has not informed him about Soumendra and Sarojini’s marriage and he should inform instead. He says Soumendra’s marriage cannot happen with his daughter. Sangram asks what happened and where is Soumendra now. Dadaji says he is in hospital ICU. Sangram singh dadaji is talkin about it and says Soumendra is his responsibility now as he is his damad. Sarojini comes with tea and drops it, but does not listen to their conversation. Sangram singh says dadaji he will listen to him later and leaves. Sarojini asks who was he. Indira says babuji’s party worker.

Doc informs Dushyanth that Soumendra is fine now. Dushyanth presents him one hundred rs and says he isn’t going to give even two rs to any person,but is providing him a hundred rs for his young children as He’s ver satisfied him. Sangram enters and suggests he is quite offended. Nijhara panics and says Dushyanth dadaji have to have educated Sangram about Soumendra and Sarojini’s relationship. Dushyanth asks her to maintain peaceful. Sangram asks why did not he notify about Soumendra’s ailment. Dushyanth apologizes. Sangram says he has introduced a present of a hundred crore tender for him. Dushyanth is suprised to listen to that. Sangram suggests he desired to give it as dowry, but considering the fact that relationship is postponed, he will give it as gift now. Dushyanth claims doc informed Soumendra is ok now and marriage will transpire on stated day, but in a very simple way. Sangram claims then they will have marriage in a very temple. Dushyanth states Bhaskar will organize everything similar to a hanuman. Sangram leaves. Dushyanth then asks his puppets to not advise Sarojini, dadaji and Indira concerning this. Bhaskar asks How about Soumendra. Dushyanth claims he will deal with him afterwards.

Indira tells Dadaji that Sarojini must not find out about Soumendra’s marriage. Sarojini enters and asks Exactly what are they speaking about. Indira claims she hopes Bhaskar forgives Soumendra. Sarojini claims He’ll as He’s his brother.

Sarojini enters Sapna’s house and sees her packing clothing on her abdomen to faux her pregnancy and claims she should not lie with elders. Sapna asks her to halt showing her intelligence and commences yelling. Sarojini states she married Soumendra and came listed here just like she married Bhaskar and came right here and she also has equivalent rights like her. Nirjhara enters with daadi and asks What exactly are they talking about. Sapna claims Sarojini is brainwashing from her and is also inquiring to get rid of total relatives. Sarojini is shocked to listen to that and says Sapna is lying. Sapna proceeds that she was even eyeing on her unborn boy or girl. Nirjhara and Daadi get started yelling and cursing her and asks her to steer clear of members of the family. Sarojini operates crying.

Nirjhara, Daadi and Sapna get in touch with sari seller and Nirjhara likes 7000 rs worth sari,but hesitates fearing Dushyanth. Sapna and Dadi check with her to select it as dushyanth is finding one hundred crore tender and will not explain to nearly anything. Sapna also selects sari and jumps. Daadi asks her not to leap till she provides her child. Sapna receives tensed contemplating how to inform real truth to them.

Jeweler will come household and daadaji states Soumendra’s marriage is currently above. Jeweler says Dushyanth termed him. Dushyanth at Soumendra’s hospital home informs that he is repairing his relationship


Precap: Sarojini’s mama comes to meet her. Nirjhara misbehaves and says she will not let Sarojini see Soumendra. Dushyanth comes shouting and says it is Soumendra’s marriage in a few days.

Written Update By Sahir


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