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Sarojini 26th September 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with Sapna adding itch powder on Sarojini’s sari and murmuring that Sarojini wants to overtake her place with soumendra’s help, but she will not let that happen. She walks out smirking. Sarojini comes out from washroom and thinks sari is on place, but door is open, someone must have come in. Indira comes and asks her to prepare food fast as Soumendra is hungry. Sarojini says she will change and come and prepare food. Indira walks out smiling. Sarojini wears sari and starts scratching. Bhaskar and Sapna peep from window and smirk thinking their plan is working.

Sarojini serves food stuff to family. Sapna asks what is this. Sarojini says it’s navratna mix, with lots of veggies and with out oil. Daadi says it will have to not be tasty. Nijhara yells why did she spend complete 7 days’s vegetables in 1 working day. Soumendra comes with Indira and states should they don’t like, they need to not eat, he will consume it. Sapna taunts Bhaskar that devarji expresses his adore for Sarojini frequently, but Bhaskar is usually a waste human body. Dushyanth asks why did he arrive down, he was sending his foods to his home. Soumendra claims He’s bored obtaining meals at his place, so he arrived down. Nirjhara murmurs Sarojini geared up town foods and trapped her son. Right after finishing meals, Indira drops Soumendra again to his area.

Sarojni starts off scratching and claims Indira her entire entire body is itching. Bhaskar suggests it truly is scabies. Dushyanth says Sarojini must drop by Delhi since they don’t have its treatment method at Pratapgarh and when he got scabies, Bajrani bhai confirmed him in any way India Professional medical institute and suggests she really should at this moment check out Delhi on your own. Dada says she will not go by yourself. Dushyanth asks him to shut up. Indira asks Dadaji if he has any property remedy for scabies. Dadaji goes, brings cow dung and says if Sarojini applies cow dung on her system, scabies will vanish. Dushyanth and his puppets inquire her not to apply cow dung and head to Delhi rather and start yelling at Dadaji. Dadaji says cow dung is usually a Ram baan/sure shot remedy for scabies. Indira asks if Sarojini goes to Delhi, who will look after Soumendra. Sarojini suggests she will not visit Delhi and implement cow dung on her system.

Sarojini commences applying cow dung to her body. Soumendra comes down and asks what is going on. Bhaskar asks why did he occur down. Dadaji suggests Sarojini bought scabies assault in some way, so he proposed cow dung cure. Soumendra goes to help you her. Dushyanth tries to halt him, but he isn’t going to quit and pumps borewell for her. Sarojini claims even now her itching is just not going. Dadaji asks her head to her space and tub, she’ll be fine. Indira takes Sarojini. Soumendra follows her. Nijhara asks wherever is he going. He says he needs to see who’s guiding Sarojini’s challenge.

Precap: Soumendra asks Bhaskar to accept that he sprinkled itch powder on Sarojini’s sari. Bhaskar accepts. Soumendra throws him on cow dung and says he has to be punished. Bhaskar in turn pushes him on cow dug.

Written Update By Sahir


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