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Sarojini 25th November 2015 Written Update

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The episode starts with Dadaji praising women that they kept difficult fast for 1.5 days and are now performing pooja. Ladies stand in water holding pooja thali. Men pour water water on their hands. Sarojini prays chatti maa to help her in finding Manu’s truth. She closes her eyes and reminisces Manu pushing Sapna into water and thanks chatti maa for howing her truth and also prays to help her expose Manu’s truth in front of everyone.

Family reaches home after pooja. Daadi asks Nirjhara to break her fast and then give prasad to Manu. Sarojini says she will give prasad and goes to Manu’s room. Manu is busy looking at kumkum and thinking soon Soumendra will apply it on her forehead. Sarojini enters suddenly. Manu asks why did she enter without knocking door. Sarojini asks if she remembers at least that and asks why did she push Sapna in water, holding her shoulder. Manu says she did not. Sarojini asks why did she lie of memory loss when she is not shot at all. Manu nervously says she is not. Sarojini says she was holding her shoulder since 5 min and even saw her shoulder yesterday night.

Sarojini takes Manu in front of family and says Manu is lying. Manu acts as getting drowsy and then says she remembers everything now, Sarojini shot her and asks to call police. Soumendra asks if she remembers that she tried to kill him. Manu shouts she does not know all this, she wants Sarojini arrested.

Dushyanth says family that he will convince Sangram not to call police and goes to his home. He at first pleads not to get his bahu arrested and then laughs with him. He recites their whole plan who he gave gun with fake bullet to sarojini and got Manu shot. He laughs that it would not have happened with Manu and now Manu will be his bahu and Sangram his samdhi. Sangram happily hugs him.

Dushhyanth goes back home and tells that he tried to convince Sangram a lot, but he did not listen and is bringing police to arrest Sarojini.

Precap: Manu pleads inspector to arrest Sarojini for shooting her. Dushyanth requests to keep her house arrest in a room than in jail.

Written Update By H Hasan


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