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Sarojini 24th November 2015 Written Update

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Dushyanth’s family walking with villagers towards ghat, singing and dancing. When they reach ghat, daadi asks Nirjhara to submit water to surya devta as chatt pooja ritual and asks Sarojini to follow her saas in lake. Soumendra asks Sarojini to be careful. Bhaskar taunts that he is acting as if his wife is made of salt and will melt. Daadaji scolds Bhaskar and makes him quiet. Sarojini gets into water and prays god to get her out of problems and prove her innocent.

Daadi sees Manu standing near lake alone and asks Sapna to call her. Sapna goes and asks Manu to come from there as water is very deep. Manu asks if she knows to swim. Sapna says no. Manu pushes her into water saying it is punishment for trying to kill her with toxic spray. She then shouts that yamraji ki beti/daughter is drowning in water. Whole family gets worried. Daadi asks Bhaskar to save his wife. Bhaskar says he does not know to swim. Villager jumps and saves Sapna. Daadi gives her shawl and asks why did she get into water. Manu also asks same. Sapna says she slipped. Bhaskar says he was worried for her. Sapna says she saw howmuch he was worried. Bhaskar asks Soumendra to teach him swimming, he will save Sapna whenver she falls into water next. Daadi says let us finish pooj and go home soon.

At home, Nirjhara asks Soumendra how is Sapna. Soumendra says Bhaskar is with her and she is resting. Daadi asks Manu to go and rest. Manu asks which room and asks Soumendra to show her room. Soumendra drops her in room and says he has to go to market with madamji. Manu asks why is he behind delhi wali always. Soumendra frees his hand and leaves. Sarojini hears that and thinks how does she remember her name, she is lying then. She was smriking when Sapna was drowning, so she may be involved even in that.

Sarojini goes to Sapna’s room and asks how is she now. Sapna claims she is ok. Sarojini asks how did she slide in lake. Sapna receives anxious and claims Manu did not press her, she slipped and fell. Sarojini says when did she acquire Manu’s name. Sapna will get tensed and asks not to query like police and go from here. Sarojini leaves. Bhaskar enters with hot h2o bag and asks if he need to apply. Sapna shouts she is going to do herself.

Sarojini goes to her space and reminisces Sapna taking in apples on your own as well as other incidents and thinks some thing is Mistaken, Manu must be acting as shedding memory.

At night, Sapna goes to kitchen area and drinks h2o. she turns and receives worried viewing Manu standing holding torch. Manu says her encounter seems to be excellent in anxiety and asks if she instructed delhi wali about lake incident. Sapna says he has Several other function and tries to go away, but Manu retains her. H2o glass falls down. Sarojini hears seem and walks in the direction of kitchen. Manu warns Sapna if she tells any individual that her memory is intact, then she is going to peel her pores and skin with vegetable peeler and then Lower her hair. Sapna hides observing Sarojini. Sarojini enters and asks Manu what is she undertaking here. Manu states she arrived to obtain water. Sarojini sees her shoulder wound missing and thinks how can it vanish so before long, one thing is Completely wrong.

Precap: Sarojini reminisces Manu’s drama and thanks chatti maa for opening her eyes. Manu strangulates Sarojini’s neck and says she shot her and asks to call police, else she will their life worse.

Written Update By H Hasani


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