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Sarojini 23rd October 2015 Written Update

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Dushyanth and family coming home with people’s gifted jewelry and moneyey to Devi/Indira. They silently get into a room and lock door. Sarojini asks dadaji what are they carrying. Dadaji says looted money and jewelry from people. Bhaskar counts money and keeps it aside. Manu gets mesmerized seeing lots of jewelry, throws bangle each on Sapna and Nirjhara and takes whole bag with her. Bhaskar tells Dushyanth they brought Madhu thinking she will bring wealth, but she is looting them instead. Sarojini watches everything from window. Dushyanth sees her and shoos her. Sarojini challenges him again that she will fail his superstitions.

Sarojini goes to Indira’s room and applies ointment on her feet. Indira asks how will she end all this. Sarojini says just like her wounds won’t heal on 1st application and needs repeated application of ointment, people also need repeated education.

Manu calls tai from another Zee serial and reminds how she used to come to her house in Mumbai and she taught her shooting bullet and playing cards. Tai identifies her. Manu says she is married and is in trouble now as Sarojini is eyeing her husband’s wealth and is trying to marry him. Tai says even she has same kinda problem, but not to worry she will solve her problem.

Through next pooja session, a person requests Indira/devi to bless him as he incurred monetary losses. Bhaskar claims devi is telling his fate is caught by his land, so he must donate his land to devi and obtain 1000s of land as reward. Sarojini claims Indira is a girl rather than devi, she can not do any miracles. A pretend baba enters and suggests Devi can do miracles and asks Indira to get rid of rose petals from drinking water. She nervously provides her hand in h2o bowl and gets rid of rose petals. Baba then says devi will take away pooris from boiling oil and may provide us. Indira will get concerned looking at boiling oil, but then extends her hand and removes poori. Faux baba asks to provide prasad to Everybody and Indira throws pooris on people.

Baba features that nobody can do miracle like devi. Sarojini suggests she will. She immerses her hand in drinking water bowl after which you can removes pooris from boiling oil. Absolutely everyone are surprised. Sarojini asks other females to try plus they clear away poori without harming their hand. Dushyanth offers that it’s on account of devi kripa. Sarojini claims it is actually science and explains how bogus baba lied. Dushyanth shouts at her. Soumendra relates to her rescue. Women discuss who Is that this Woman, why is Soumendra getting her side. Dushyanth asks Bhaskar to mail all girls out, else they will know fact. Bhaskar sends all girls out.

Precap: Madhu’s Tai enters Sarojini’s dwelling by using a suitcase, hiding a lady in it. She then hits Sarojini with bamboo and states right until she is there, Manu will likely not face any difficulties.

Written Update By Sahir


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