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Sarojini 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Sarojini pleading Munna and his brother not to harm Nirjhara. Brother says if he says oldie that her son is dead and her house and whole property is gone, she will die without doing anything. Sarojini to have some mercy and and because of Dushyanth’s sins, innocent people will suffer. Brother says then she should tell whole family that Munna is Soumeendra and their family will rule at Dushyanth’s house. Sarojini helplessly agrees. Indira brings medicines and nurse tells her that doc is eagerly waiting for medicines as Nirjhara’s condition is getting more critical. She rushes into Nirjhara’s ICU room where doc give her defibrillator shocks to revive her pulse.

Sarojini then in front of god’s idol asks how can he spare Munna and take back Soumendra’s life. Daadi sees her and says her sins will not deter her family and soon Soumendra and Nirjhara will be fine. Munna comes and says he came back and is fine. Daadi asks where he had gone. He says to get medicines for mom. Daadi takes her into Nirjarha’s ICU room. Sarojini looks at brother and reminisces his words.

Real Soumendra reminisces falling from bridge and seeing Munna dying. Dying Munna says his brother will not spare Sarojini and will take revenge from Dushyanth’s family. Soumendra asks what revenge and who is he and his brother. Munna says Dushyanth killed his father, so his brother Babua will kill his family and send Sarojini to orphanage. He dies and Soumendra excanges his clothes and thinks he will have to become Munna for some time to save his family. He comes out of flashback. Babua says it is time to take revenge from Dushyanth’s family and their years of hardwork will pay off now. Soumendra thinks he has to misbehave with madamji to save his family now.

Sarojini brings back Nirjhara home and at home temple asks god why did he do injustice, why he spared sinner Munna and took away innocent Soumendra’s life. Soumendra enters and Munna’s dog barks at him. Sarojini thinks why his own dog is barking at him. Soumendra pampers dog and it runs away. He then sits next to Nirjhara and says he is back now. He then apologizes Sarojini for troubling her. Indira asks to forgive brother. Nirjhara asks them to hug. Sarojini thinks she will not forgive Munna.

Precap: Babua comes to Dushyanth’s home with his mom and thinks now he will torture Dushyanth’s family. Sarojini prays god to protect her family.

Written Update By H Hasan


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