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Sarojini 21st November 2015 Written Update

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The episode starts with Sarojini serving tea to Dushyanth. Dushyanth praises that he did not have such a tasty tea in life. Sarojini then walks towards kitchen, thinks she forgot mobile in Manu’s room and walks towards Manu’s room, but then goes bakc to kitchen and starts cleaning utensils. Sapna repeatedly peeps out. Sarojini asks if she is waiting for someone. Sapna says no and thinks it is already 1.5 hours and after 30 min, Manu will be dead. Nijhara enters and asks if the cleaned utensils. Sarojini says yes. Sapna picks fruit thali from fridge and says she will keep it in Manu’s room. Nirjhara says Manu cannot even have water. Sapna says patient gets well soon if fruits and flowers are kept in their room. She goes to Manu’s room and does not find spray pump. She finds it outside room and thinks if Sarojini kept it out.

Sarojini sees Nirjhara preparing prasad and says she will prepare it. Nirjhara says only who does pooja has to prepare it and she cannot even hear any sound while eating prasad. Dushyanth enters and praises Nirjhara and suggests Sarojini she should become like her saas. Sarojini says Nirjhara she will give medicine to manu and come back.

Sarojini on the way in which to Manu’s place finds chillies nevertheless remaining to dry and sari not nevertheless ironed and gets fast paced. Soumendra watches that and thinks madamji is Performing difficult to care of the home, he should help her and give medication to Manu. He walks towards Manu’s doorway. Sarojini also will come. He states we each will go and provides medicine. They open up doorway and therefore are shocked to discover Manu munching apples. The equally get joyful that Manu bought aware and contact whole loved ones. Total father gathers all-around Manu. Nirjhara thanks god. Sarojini also thanks god and says Sarojini she did not necessarily mean to hurt her. Dushyanth says this dwelling’s problem is absent now. Sapna receives tensed that Manu saw that she was looking to eliminate her and can advise complete loved ones.

Soumendra asks Manu how is she now. She asks that’s Manu and who are they all. Sarojini cries that Manu’s condition is as a consequence of her. Nijhara asks her not to fret, Manu will recall everything shortly. Manu retains Soumendra’s hand and asks if he is familiar with who’s she. Daadi asks Dushyanth to call Sangram, she might identify him. Dushyanth says he will. Manu asks Dushyanth ifhe is his father. Dushyanth suggests she even forgot his father’s experience. Sarojini cries again. Soumendra claims He’ll get in touch with physician.

Medical doctor checks Manu and states she received outside of coma due to god’s grace and shortly her memory will even be back again. Soumendra claims he will fall medical professional out now. Manu asks him to stick with her and claims his smile is very cute and asks if He’s married. Soumendra states yes. She asks to whom. He states madamji. Manu angrily says that dehli wali, then acts all over again. Sarojini sends Soumendra out and asks Manu if she got back her memory. Manu acts like confused.

Precap: Sapna peeps into Manu’s room thinking she escaped death but lost memory. She turns and sees Manu stand who say she identified and she is yamraj’s daughter.

Written Update By H Hasan


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