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Sarojini 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Indira trying to run from house after her family goes out. Goonga stops her. She says even she is a girl and wants to see outside world. He does not agree. She says she will break his neck if he does not let her go and tries to run, but he picks her up and takes inside house.

Maama writhes in hand pain and maami massages his hand. Door bell rings. Mayank opens door and gets irked seeing Soumendra. Maama sees Soumendra and calls him in. He asks maami to prepare tea for him. She angrily agrees. soumendra stops her and says he came to check maama. He asks mama if he does not object, he will speak to Sarojini for 2 min. Maami says sarojini is sleeping. Mama insists and she goes to call Sarojini and tells her that Soumendra is taking advantage of her leniance and has come here. Sarojini asks her to tell she does not want to meet him. Maami says same. Maama says if it is urgent, he will call Sarojini. Soumendra says he will speak to her later and leaves.

Dushyanth with family returns from MLA’s house. He asks dada to take care of MLA’s petrol pump if he gives it in soumendra’s dowry. Nirjhara goes to Indira’s room to give her sweets and finds her missing. She sees sari tied on balcony railing and worriedly calls Dushyanth. Dushyanth with Bhaskar enters and panics seeing Indira missing. He angrily calls Goonga.

Indira escapes in auto and asks auto driver to take her away as far as he can and says she does not have money, but will give her gold earring. Dushyanth calls goonga and asks how can Indira escape when he was guarding house. Goonga signals he was away. Dushyanth orders him to speak. Goonga says he does not know. Dushyanth asks Bhaskar to get their jeep out.

Soumendra telephone calls Sarojini in addition to your woman demands them for you to forget the woman in addition to direct a new lifetime with his dad’s chosen young lady. Soumendra telephone calls Dushyanth in addition to tells this individual likes a lady by Delhi and definately will wed only the woman, and so this individual need to bust alliance along with MLA’s young lady. Dushyanth affirms he is his / her daddy in addition to this individual will have to comply with his / her order, affirms Indira possesses eloped by residence in addition to he is tensed in addition to disconnects phone. Soumendra believes the reason Indira eloped.

Indira persists journeying until finally nighttime while auto’s gas coatings in addition to new driver affirms this individual can not get even more. He / she demands the woman to await inside of automobile in addition to halts car pertaining to guide. Sad to say, Dushyanth’s vehicle halts in addition to new driver asks them for you to decline young lady someplace. Dushyanth moves toward automobile in addition to begins featuring fake sensations discovering the woman. He / she splashes the woman toes in addition to demands wherever ended up being the woman residence laxmi planning. He / she affirms he’s going to beat Nijhara so that your woman can certainly have the agony in addition to usually takes the woman with automobile.

Soumendra becomes phone in which Indira is available in addition to this individual shows his / her buddy. Pal affirms his / her daddy will not agree to Sarojini and definately will drive them for you to wed MLA’s girl. Soumendra affirms daddy may in addition to he’s going to drive them change his / her conclusion. Sarojini is currently writing with the woman individual log in which perhaps soumendra’s union is repaired, and so she’ll remove them by the woman cardiovascular system and definately will imagine them as a shattered desire.

Dushyanth actually reaches his / her politician friend’s company. Politician becomes satisfied discovering them. Dushyanth demands when his / her adult males determined who have captured Sarojini. Politician offers them Sarojini in addition to Soumendra’s intimate pictures. Dushyanth is surprised to view Soumendra’s trainer in addition to affirms your woman previously includes a boyfriend, perhaps next she gets captured Soumendra because your woman understands his / her daddy is usually a loaded man. He / she demands politician not to ever permit Soumendra realize that he is here in addition to affirms he’s going to show Sarojini some sort of lessons right now.

Precap Sarojini slips and Soumendra holds her. Their eye locks. Maami gets angry seeing this and warns Sarojini to marry Mayank, else she will burn herself.

Written Update By Sahir


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