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Sarojini 19th September 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with Sarojini getting Dushyanth’s crucial bunch. Dushyhath lookups it in entire dwelling and asks family members should they dare to steal it. They say no. He asks Sarojini if she knows wherever his important bunch is. She says identical to he won’t know in which her saris are, she will not know wherever his key bunch is. He shouts and states why will he consider her cheap saris. She states her each sari is worthy of 5000 rs. Sapna is surprised to hear selling price and says her complete saris usually are not truly worth 5000 rs, but Sarojini’s Just about every sari is 5000 rs. Dushyanth returns her sari and asks her to return his important bunch. She returns. Dushyanth suggests He’ll punish her for this and leaves. Sarojini tells Nirjhara she’ll put on Dushyanth’s provided sari for pooja.

Nirjhara feeds Soumendra. He asks where is Sarojini. She claims she’s occupied in rituals and is going for kali pooja now.

Dusyanth asks Sapna to mix some oil in Sarojini’s bathing h2o. She asks about it and he states it’s going to freeze drinking water and Sarojini can get chilly and fever with it. Nirjhara asks Let’s say Sarojini falls seriously sick. Dushyanth claims she didn’t see how Sarojini insulted him. Nirjhara suggests she wanted to strangulate Sarojini. Dushyanth tells his approach in her ears.

Nirjhara can take Sarojini to kitchen to prepare prasad. Sarojini begins sneezing and claims she’s havign critical cold. Nirjhara yells that she wants pooja for her son’s very long everyday living, but Sarojini doesn’t want Soumendra to Stay extended. Sarojini sneezes and says she is going to get ready prasad. Nirjhara asks her to not sneeze on prasad and spoil it. Sarojini prepares prasad sneezing Keeping her sari. Dushyanth’s puppet girls view that and smirk.

Daadi states Dushyanth she may even select Sarojini and Nirjhara for kali pooja. Dushyanth states she will not likely and asks Nirjhjara to point out sher mother-in-law powers now. Nirjhara takes Sarojini to temple and asks her to defeat her head 21 instances in front of kali maa as shraddha. Sarojini enters temple sneezing and prays kali to have Soumendra nicely quickly as she’s incomplete with no him.

Narjhara asks sarojini to hurry up as she has got to execute pooja around pond also and requires her to lake. She asks Sarojini to mild lamp and drop it in pond. Sarojini does and stands praying. Nijhara pushes her into pond from driving. Sarojinii drowns into h2o.

Precap: Nirjhara operates him and informs loved ones that Sarojini drowned in pond. Dadaji asks to rush up, else she is going to die. Soumendra asks who’ll die.

Written Update By Sahir


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