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Sarojini 19th November 2015 Written Update

Mannu snatching back gun from Soumendra and pointing at him. She says he broke her trust once again, now she is shattered completely. She will kill him instead of Sarojini, when he cannot be hers, he cannot be anyone else’s. Dushyanth enters and at gunpoint sends off all goons. He gives gun to Sarojini. Sarojini points gun at Manu and asks her to free Soumendra. Manu says Soumendra has to give her wife’s rights, else she will kill him. He made a big mistake by breaking her trust. She will shoot Soumendra at any cost today and counts 1, 2… Sarojini warns her not to shoot, else she will shoot her. Manu ounts 3.. Sarojini shoots first and after a bit of silence, Manu falls down unconsciuos. Sarojini drops gun in a shock. Dushyanth says he gave her gun to frighten Manu, but she killed her. Sarojini says she shot Manu to save Soumendra. Soumendra says Manu would have killed him else.

Sarojini’s hand shaking and they all 3 rush her to hospital. Dushyanth warns doctor to save Manu at any cost. Doc takes her into operation theater. Dushyanth calls home and informs daadi that Sarojini shot Manu. Dadaji says let us all go to hospital. Dushyanth says there is no need for them to come there, he will handle situation here. Daadi starts crying that Sarojini at last did her work. Soumendra would have been better unmarried. Dadaji asks her to stop crying and come with him to hospital. Dadi says Dushyanth told not to come there until Manu’s condition stabilizes. She continues crying that Sangram is very cruel and will not spare them now.

Sarojini cries that she made a big mistake. Soumendra gives her water and calms her down. Sarojini says she became murderer now, though she shot manu by mistake.

Inspector comes along with Sangram and suggests Sarojini that he came to arrest her for aiming to eliminate Manu. Dushyanth enters and claims he simply cannot arrest her with out evidence and says he and Soumendra had been current there and they provide assertion that she didn’t shoot Manu. Inspector suggests he will not arrest Sarojini, but his 2 constables are going to be together with her right until Manu wakes up and offers assertion. The moment inspector leaves, Sarojini continues crying that she produced a large error. Soumendra pleads Dushyanth to save his madamji and touches his ft. Dushyanth hugs Soumendra and says he won’t Allow Sarojini come about anything as she saved his son and asks him not to worry.

Sangram asks doctor how is Manu, if she gained consciousness. Doc states her lifestyle is saved, but she is in coma. Sangram is shocked and asks her to carry out her therapy. Doc suggests they could get her residence as she may perhaps choose months or several years to get up. Sangram cries who’ll deal with her, what is going to he inform her mom. Sarojini states she’ll take care of Manu. He states he will eliminate Manu rather. She claims she shot her by error and may take care of Manu by coronary heart. Dushyanth asks to concur. Sangram suggests she despatched Manu into coma and he or she herself will get her perfectly. Doc comes and claims they’re able to choose Manu household tomorrow and can take Sangram to finish formalities.

Sarojini many thanks Dushyanth for taking her facet. He suggests he is pleased with her that she saved her son.

Precap: Sapna tells unconscious Manu that she will kill her with mosquito spray and then will think how to kill Sarojini.

Written Update By H Hasan


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