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Sarojini 17th October 2015 Written Update

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Dushyant asking Somendra to have patience and says fight is not always good. He says Sangram can kill Sarojini……Somendra feels helpless. Dushyant leaves from his room. Somendra looks at the TV, radio, and all the stuff in his room angrily. Dushyant sees Manu and calls her 100 crores. He then says my bahu is one in 100 crores. They hear some noise and gets inside Somendra’s room. Manu asks what you are doing? Sarojini asks what you are doing? Somendra says this is not my stuff. Manu says my Papa gave this stuff for our luxury. Somendra asks her to keep quiet and says he will stay in his room with his wish. He asks her to take her stuff and live luxurious life. Dushyant tries to calm him down. Somendra says it is enough now, and says I will not dance on your tune. He says you have sold me for money, but I have not sold my Soul. She is not my wife, but a stranger girl and I will not stay with her in my room. Dadi asks where she will go? Let her stay here in this room. Manu says please let me stay here. Somendra says ok, I will leave from here.

Nirjhara asks where do you want to go? To stay with Sarojini? She says you can’t stay with Sarojini. Somendra says I have promised that I will not stay with Sarojini until we get married with all the rituals and I know about my promise. Dushyant asks Manu not to cry, and says I will get you married to Somendra with all the rituals, then this Sarojini will leave the house. He asks her to be clever and deal with Sarojini. Manu says ok and cries again.

Later Sarojini asks Somendra, shall I come in. Somendra says do you need permission. Sarojini asks him to sleep in room and says I will sleep here. Somendra says I can sleep here, but can’t see you sleeping here. Sarojini says okay and says I will bring pillow for you. Somendra apologizes to her and says you have to bear everything because of me. I didn’t know that you will have a hard time adjusting here. Sarojini asks him to stop saying that and says one day we will go far from here, now no one can separate me from you. Mann Mast Magan……….plays while they have an eye lock. Manu sees them together and is angry. Sarojini goes to bring his pillow.

Each morning, Sarojini does the aarti and sings bhajan from the inhouse temple……………Somendra comes and stands for puja. Manu and Many others appear and show up at the puja. Manu normally takes out her clip from her hairs and throws it in the vicinity of her ft. She says I’ll choose aarti first. Sarojini goes to her and then destinations her ft about the clip generating aarti falls on the floor. Manu suggests you’ve got thrown aarti plate. She says you might have refused to give aarti to me. Nirjhara suggests she has accomplished abshagun, and asks her to apologize to God. Somendra stops Sarojini. Dadi asks him never to interfere. Sarojini picks the aarti plate. Manu thinks I may get you work just like a servant. Bhabhi asks her to scrub Manu’s feet. Sarojini is about to clean up her ft. Dada ji closes his eyes. Manu smiles. Somendra stops Sarojini and takes Manu from there. He asks her to clean her feet and states my spouse will not likely clean your feet. Manu nods and washes her feet with h2o. All people appears on.

Manu thinks she needs to get Sarojini feel small infront of Many others. Many of the Females are talking. Manu asks Indra, In the event the meals is prepared. She says she’s going to request Somendra, what he would want to have. Manu says I’ll cook for my husband and goes to kitchen area. She claims she is likely to make omelette for him. Sarojini claims I could make it. Manu suggests I is likely to make and asks her to tell recipe. Sarojini tells her and goes. Manu breaks the eggs and puts in a very pan with its shell. Nirjhara tells Somendra that your wife Manu enjoys you a great deal. Somendra is indignant. Manu helps make omelette in a different type and surprises Indra. She provides the omelette with shells and asks Somendra to take in it. Somendra and Nirjhara seems to be at it. Somendra pushes the omelette pan angrily. Nirjhara asks him not to shout at him. Somendra states my spouse cooks for me. Manu gets indignant at Sarojini for educating her Erroneous cooking and claims I’ll train her a lesson.

Nirjhara asks Indra to keep 9 day quickly. Indra states I am able to’t be hungry. Sarojini asks Indra to get banana and asks her not to bother with fasting. Manu will come and retains her hand.

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