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Sarojini 16th October 2015 Written Update

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Manisha stopping Sarojini and asking where is she taking her husband. Sarojini says for an MRI scan. Manisha says she will accompany her. Sarojini says she forgot Soumendra’s reports and says will bring them. Soumendra asks Manu to bring it and she happily agrees and asks where to get file. Sarojini says fake address and leaves with Soumendra in ambulance. Manu goes and searches file, but does not find it. She calls Soumendra. Sarojini asks Soumendra to pick call, else Manu will doubt him. He picks call and she says she did not find file. He says sarojini must have taken it home. She says she will come to MRI room and goes to given address, but finds washroom there.

Sarojini and Soumendra’s romantic moments start. She gives him juice and asks why did not he say he is hungry. He says he wanted to have juice from her hand. She then gives him bananas. Driver applies break and says someone has kept stones on road. Sarojini opens door hearing knock and is shocked to see Manu and Sangram singh.

Sarojini and Soumendra are brought home. Nirjhara yells at Sarojini that she was trapping her son and now she was eloping to Delhi with him. Dushyanth yells at Sarojini that she is shamelessly wearing short clothes and then scolds Dadaji and Indira for helping Sarojini and reminisces hearing their conversation. Manu reminisces her dad calling and informing that Sarojini is trying to elope Delhi with Soumendra. Dadi yells at Sarojini and Soumendra both. Manu asks her not to blame Soumendra, Sarojini has brainwashed him and continues..

Sangram starts next. Soumendra says he knows how to protect his wife and if anyone even looks at her, he will not tolerate it. Sarojini thinks she has to stop Soumendra, else Sangram may harm him. Dushyanth asks Soumendra to go and rest. He says he will not live his wife alone here. Sarojini gives her promise and asks him to go and rest. Soumendra helplessly leaves.

Sangram proceeds yelling and states Sarojini should get the job done similar to a servant if she really wants to Dwell in this article. Daadi yells it is best punishment for her. Sarojini states she will be able to do anything for Soumendra.

Dushyanth sheds crocodile tears before Soumendra and says Sangram is rather cruel and threatened to destroy full family if he didn’t get Soumendra married to Manu, so he needed to helplessly comply with his terms to save his relatives.

Manu taunts Sarojini that she’s servant of the dwelling and may serve her hereon. She suggests she will probably satisfy her honey bunny and leaves. Sarojini thinks she has To do that for Soumendra.

Precap: Nirjhara states Manu is preparing omlette for him. Manu brings omlette with shells blended. Soumendra throws it.

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