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Sarojini 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Munna as Duryodhan doing Sarojini/Draupadi’s cheer haran/disrobing. He looks at her lustfully and removes her sari pallu. She hides her modesty. Nirjhara, Dada, and Indira hide their aces in guilt. Sarojini thinks she is sacrificing her dignity for Soumendra’s life. Jailer at jails tells Soumendra it is time for his hanging. Sarojini pleads Krishna to save her dignity like he saved Draupadi’s. Indira thinks whatever Samar did to her, bhaiya is doing to bhabhi, all men are cruel. Nirjhara cries thinking what else she has to see in life. A sari falls and drapes over Sarojini, hiding her modesty. Sarojini thanks god and prays to save her Soumendra now.

Sarojini comes back changing her sari to leave home. Nirjhara cries that why did not she stop Sarojini’s cheer haran. Sarojini says she should not stop her even now. Dadaji starts. She says why did not he speak when her cheer haran happened. She then takes their blessings and thinks she is going out to bring back Soumendra and kick out Munna from here. She then silently removes camera from dog’s belt in lieu of pampering it.

Munna kicks Sarojini and shouts she can go if she wants, but should not touch Majira/dog. Sarojini walks out of home silently while Nirjhara, Indira, and Dadaji cry. Sarojini looks at camera and thinks she will save Soumendra now with this proof. Nirjhara falls down unconscious. Indira and Dadadji get concerned, but Munna stands yelling thar earlier servant and now amma’s drama started. Indira pleads Munna to help. He stands silently. Samar asks Dada and Indira to take Nirjhara to hospital while he arranges money.

Sarojini reaches Pratapgarh jail with great difficulty and asks constable where is Soumendra. He asks who Soumendra. She says Munna gang’s munna. He says he was hanged 30 min ago and is dead now. She is shattered hearing this and cries vigorously. She then reaches shiv temple, beats bell continuously and prays to show the proof that he is there, else nobody will believe in him again.

Precap: Sarojini tells Tarika that Soumendra is dead now and she cannot harm this family anymore. Tarika calls Munna and asks him to snatch camera from Sarojini.

Written Update By H Hasan


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