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Sarojini 15th September 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with Dushyanth ordering Sarojini to hold heavy pooja aarti and round it 101 times. She lifst it with great difficulty and performs 101 times aarti. Dushyanth and his puppets get angry while Dadaji gets happy. Dushyanth then angrily throws water on aarti thali and says pooja is finished now. Dadaji says she must be tired, so she should go and rest. Sarojini leaves. Dadaji asks Dushyanth if he is not ashamed and says whatever exams he will take, Sarojini will pass, but god will not forgive him for troubling an innocent girl.

Sarojini would not come across her dresses in space and thinks who have to have taken them. She arrives right down to garden. Dadaji asks what happened. Dushyanth says her black magic is concluded now and she or he ought to get out. Sarojini claims Dadaji her outfits are lacking from her place. Dushyanth says even kids can miss from human body, they’re just outfits and says she can’t have on Delhi garments here and will have to wear whatsoever he gives. She suggests All those are her favorite clothing. He states she is going to do whichever he claims and cannot imagine her own. He ordres Nirjhara to serve breakfast and everybody follows Dushyanth.

Sarojini cries in her room. Dadaji includes Indira and suggests he is familiar with it is actually Incorrect and All and sundry as his personal decision, but in this home All people has to comply with Dushyanth. Often, she has to just accept the specific situation. She asks Exactly what does he mean. He claims Soumendra is ill and these individuals are taking advantage of it and wish her to receive from Somendra’s existence, she has to simply accept Dushyanth’s orders until finally Soumendra gets effectively. Indira claims nobody listed here dares to confront babuji. Sarojini suggests she will be first girl to oppose Dushyanth and from hereon, dwelling’s principles will change. She has taken oath that this dwelling’s Females will have on their alternative clothing and Specific their likes and dislikes. Indira asks if This could certainly happen. Sarojini suggests it will and she will provide variations.

Dushyanth tells relatives that no person will give food items to Sarojini. Dadaji says Saarojini received dizzy immediately after he tortured her. Dushyanth states Permit her die. Indira asks how can he be so cruel. He asks her to simply call Sarojini. Sarojini comes with gradual rate, energyless. Dushyanth claims if she has to acquire meals, she has to get ready her personal food and will put together evening meal for everyone also. Indira asks how can he punish her such as this. Nijhara states Sarojini has got to complete rituals and pooja in advance of cooking. Sarojini states she’s going to complete pooja after which you can cook foodstuff. Dushyanth asks Nirjhara for making her clear utensils initial after which you can make her Cook dinner. Nijhara asks Indira to go and rest while she usually takes Sarojini to kitchen area.

Nirjhara and Sapna just take Sarojini to kitchen and purchase her to clean full working day’s soiled utensils and go away purchasing to hurry up.

Dushyanth sees servant planning clay pate to use it on clay stove, breaks electric bulb and mixes in it. Nirjhara arrives back which is amazed to view all utensils thoroughly clean. She asks Sarojini to come back and use clay paste on clay stove. Dushyanth exhibits her clay and stove and orders to start out. Sarojini will take clay in her hand and glass strands prick her hand. She checks clay and finds glass strands in it. Dadaji asks Dushyanth if he is having fun with troubling Sarojini. Dushyanth scolds him. Nijhara says anything need to have fallen and when she simply cannot utilize clay, she is going to get it done. Sarojini suggests she’s going to.

Precap: Dushyanth gives baingan/eggplant to Sarojini and asks her to prepare baingan bharta. Baingan bursts on stove. Nirjhara and Daadi run towards kitchen while Dushyanth smirks.

Written Update By Sahir


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