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Sarojini 15th October 2015 Written Update

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Dadaji tells Sarojini that he has done all planning and arranged ambulance for her and soumendra at 12 midnight. She and Soumendra will be free from this hell.

Dushyanth yells at Nirjhara for not ironing his kurta properly and calls her naagin, etc. Sapna sees Sarojini watching this and yells that she must be happy seeing maaji’s insult. Sarojini says maaji herself wants to be insulted, they all should stop thinking themselves as servants and not tolerate babuji’s insult. Dadi asks if she means her son does not respect his wife. Just then, dushyanth yells at Nirjhara from his room. Sarojini says they should realize that they are a mother and more importanly a human.

Manisha asks Soumendra what should she do to impress him. He asks her to change sofa’s position. She does it with great difficulty. He says it won’t happen by her. She says she will and changes position with great difficulty. He then makes her run around.

Indira cooks food. Sarojini asks her to go and rest. Indira says let her cook as she wants to feel normal, else people here have made devi.

Dadaji at might night asks Sarojini to go now and live her life with Soumendra. She takes his blessings and leaves with bags.

At night, Soumendra sees Manisha sleeping and thinks let this nautanki queen sleep, once Sarojini comes, he will silently leave with her.

Sarojini receives into car and leaves. She sees Sangram and Bhaskar passing by in a very jeep and hides her face. She then reaches medical center, wears nurse’s attire and mask and silently enters Soumendra’s room looking at Dushyanth’s goons seem asleep. She gets rid of her mask in front of Soumendra and he will get pleased viewing her. She then hides underneath mattress viewing Manisha getting up. As soon as Manisha sleeps again, she retains Soumendra’s hand and requires him outside of area and tends to make him sit on wheelchair. She asks Soumendra to be cautious. He says when He’s having fun with slipping, why must he be mindful. Manisha will come out and asks where is she having her spouse. She wakes up goons and asks when they get paid for sleeping and shouts. She asks Sarojini once more wherever is she taking her husband. Sarojini says for getting his MRI completed just before discharge each morning. Manisha asks why didn’t she wake her up, she like serving her spouse.

Precap: Dadaji tells Indira it can be twelve mid night time, Sarojini and Soumendra would have eloped by now. Sangram singh and Manisha prevent Soumendra and Sarojini’s van and they’re stunned to check out Sangram singh and Manisha.

Written Update By Sahir


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