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Sarojini 14th November 2015 Written Update

Indira and Nirjhara preparing garland for pooja. Dushyanth comes, gets angry seeing Indira and kicks flower basket. Needle sticks his toe and he shouts in pain. Dadaji taunts that if someone tries to destroy other’s house, their house itself will destroy. Bhaskar takes him to room.

Nirjhara applies medicine on Dushyanth’s toe and says he did not let Indira play with children in childhood and forced her to become devi, now he does not want to accept her as daughter. He kicks her yelling and asks her to go and bring paper and stamp from dressing table and asks her to apply finger frints on paper. She asks what is this. He says these are divorce papers and says after divorcing him, she can go and start politics with Sarojini. She pleads not to divorce her. He says she insulted him often with Sarojini and it is her punishment. She says she can do anything to repent. He keeps watermelon on her head and shoots it as first test. He then says still many tests are remaining.

Sarojini and Soumendra’s romantic moments starts. He applies kumkum on her forehead and says his wife is most beautiful in the world. Their romance continues.

Daadi with Indira carries jam ka diya/lamp to gentle it on rubbish and tells Indira its significance.

Sapna will get worn out immediately after cleansing complete residence. She with Bhaskar throws rubbish in cattle lose and complains that she doesn’t know what is going to Dushyanth do following.

Dushyanth drags Nirjhara into cattle drop. Daadi asks what is he carrying out. He says He’ll gentle jam ka diya/lamp on Nirjhara’s head in place of garbage as Nirjhara’s punishment. He forces Nirjhara to hold lamp on her head.

Sarojini and Soumendra continue on their passionate nok jhok when Indira will come running and informs that babuji is punishing maa. They both operate into cattle drop and therefore are stunned to check out Indira Keeping jam ka diya on her head. Sarojini attempts to remove it, but Nirjhara asks her to prevent as she does not need to get divorce and asks Soumendra to just take Sarojini fro there, else she’ll melt away her arms on lamp. Sarojini pleads Soumendra to try and do something. Soumendra walks close to Nirjhara.

Precap: Soumendra confronts Dushyanth that his mom sacrificed her life for him and children and has equal right on this house. Sarojini says Dushyanth is right, women are just a means of charity for him, he takes charity of bahu and biwi and gives charity of beti and behen. Dushyanth proudly says yes. Nirjhara asks her not to interfere between her and her husband.

Written Update By H Hasan


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