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Sarojini 13th October 2015 Written Update

Soumendra telling Sarojini that she is his father’s choti bahu. Manisha enters and says she is choti bahu. Soumendra says Dushyanth he cannot believe his father can betray him. Sangram says he betrayed instead by marrying Sarojini, Dushyanth had promised to marry him to Manisha and kept his promise. Manisha touches Soumendra’s feet and says she is taking her husband’s blessings. Soumendra says she is not his wife. Sangram says his daughter is not a garbage that he can dump him, he has to accept her as he married her. Soumendra says marrying photo is not a marriage. Manisha asks if doing pheras holding someone is marriage, then why can’t holding photo is a marriage. Dushyanth says he did good and is scolded now. Manisha and Sangram also continue their drama. Doc enters and asks why are they making noise and asks to go out and let patient sleep. Soumendra says only his wife will stay here. Manisha blurts her usual “ye kaun bola” dialogue. Dushyanth calls her and says once Sarojini goes back home, she can meet Soumendra. Manisha goes out of room and starts crying that she obeyed Dushyanth and married Soumendra, but is now being punished for it. Sangram tells Manisha she can do anything to get Soumendra and he is with her.

Soumendra in room tells Sarojini he made mistake by bringing her here and it is better he stop breathing than going away from her. She gets emotional and starts shedding tears. He wipes her tears and says they will go to Delhi soon. She says and thinks Dushyanth wants to kill her and even Sangram is with him, so she cannot take risk and go from here ASAP.

Dushyanth tells Manisha that they have to break Soumendra and Sarojini’s love. Manisha says she knows how to kick Sarojini out. Dushyanth and Sangram praise her. She tries to enter room, but nurse sends her back saying she has to do room cleaning.

Sarojini sees rays falling on Soumendra and sites her sari above his experience. Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum….tune…plays while in the track record. Soumendra wakes up and aankh micholi begins. He states he is bound she will not leave her now and is quite content. Sarojini states she will go but with him now and states she is going to go and set up ambulance. He asks her to take dadaji’s enable. He smiles seeing her heading out.

Dushyanth stops Sarojini and suggests she did not do suitable by telling fact to Soumendra. She says she explained to half real truth and isn’t going to would like to issues Soumendra, so she kept silent. He fumes and he or she leaves.

Manisha enters and starts her drama that she is Soumendra’s servant and spouse, then why is he seeking to get away from her. He states his true wife is Sarojini, so she must halt bothering him. Manisha fumes.

Precap: Sarojini enters Soumendra’s area wearing nurse’s attire and attempts to acquire him out. Manisha wakes up and asks where is she getting her spouse.

Written Update By Sahir


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