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Sarojini 13th November 2015 Written Update

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Dushyanth buys same saris for all ladies for diwali. Nirjhara says Sarojini did not like color and he should get different sari. Dushyanth yells at her and says he busy same saris for their unity and peace of mind. Nirjhara and Sarojini get sad. Dushyanth’s aide then calls him and tells that he found an alliance for Indira. He enquires about groom’s property and says after diwali, he will get Indira married. He then thinks it is time to kick out Indira and Sarojini from this house.

While cutting vegetables, Sarojini tells daadi that though man earns for house, woman takes care of house and both are equal and she wants to change age old rule of man thinking woman as his slipper.
Nirjhara says Sarojini is right. Sapna says she should not come under Sarojini’s sugar-coated talks. Daadi says age-old rituals will not be changed and she does not agree to her wrongdoings.

Dushyanth’s household joins for pooja besides Sapna. Nirjhara asks Dushyanth to simply call Sapna. He claims she are unable to and it’s her punishment for lying. Dadaji says new pair Soumendra and Sarojini will perform pooja currently. Sarojini claims she’s going to perform pooja only if Dushyanth gives retail store place keys to Nirjhara. Nirjhara asks him to offer keys to her or daadi. Dushyanth goes to Sapna’s home, delivers her to pooja area and asks her and Bhaskar to perform pooja and tells Sarojini her desire is shattered and keys will likely be with him right up until He’s alive. Sapna and Bhaskar accomplish pooja.
Following pooja, Sapna and Bhaskar thoroughly clean home as punishment. Sapna yells that she is becoming servant. Bhaskar claims if she would not have lied, she would not have got this punishment.

Nirjhara tells Indira and Sarojini immediately after cleaning residence, they are going to light yam ka diya/significant lamp on garbage. Dushyanth is available in.

Precap: Dushyanth lights big lamp on Nirjhara’s head and says it is punishment for her sin. Sarojini tries to stop, but Nirjhara asks her to back off as she does not want to get divorce.

Written Update By H Hasan


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