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Sarojini 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with doc performing polygraph test on Munna. Munna addresses Soumendra is obedient son of this house and whole family loves him, etc. Doc says he is Soumendra and leaves . Sarojini says whatever drama he does, he is not Soumendra and she will prove it. She asks him to show tattoo mark with her name inscribed on his hand. He shouts why should he, he proved whatevr he has to. She insists. He shows hand. She rubs tattoo, but it does not fade. Soumendra says now he will torture her more. Sarojini addresses each family member that he is not Soumendra and she will prove it at any cost. Munna acts panicking and shouting to get out this servant, else she will make him mad. Sarojini says he is acting and she will not go. Nirjhara holds Sarojini’s hand and drags her out of room and says she will not go in front of Soumendra until he gets well. Indira asks how can she do this to bhabhi when she knows bhabhi does not do anything without a reason. Nirjhara says at present, she is just worried about her son.

Sarojini looks Soumendra’s pic and says where is he. Soumendra in jail cries reminiscing Sarojini. Jailer informs him that he will be hanged in the morning at 6:30 a.m.

Munna plays tap on his hand and says just like this, he can change any situation in his favor and confesses that he is not Soumendra. She asks where is her Soumendra. He says in hell. She holds his legs and pleads to tell where her Soumendra is, she will not trouble him again. He kicks her and says go to hell.

Indira brings food for Sarojini. Munna stops her and says Sarojini is getting punishment and cannot be given food. Indira says even criminals get food. He says if she gives food, she will see his dead face. Indira stops helplessly. Soumendra then goes and feeds food to dog in front of Sarojini. Sarojini says whoever he is, his evil force will not stay for long. He asks her to have dog food if she wants and leaves laughing.

Sarojini sits in lawn shivering and thinking about Soumendra. Indira tells Nirjhara that bhabhi is shivering. Nirjhara asks Indira to keep an eye on Soumendra while she gives money to Sarojini to have food outside. She gives money to Sarojini and sends her out.

Saroini comes back having food and prays tulsi plant if she does not get her soumendra, she will die hitting her head. A paper bit falls down and she sees Munna’s news on it. She thanks god.

Precap: Saroini sends Munna’s dog out by throwing biscuits on him and thinks she just wants her Soumendra back. Jailer asks Soumendra’s last wish and Soumendra says he wants to go to Pratapgarh once.

Written Update By H Hasan


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