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Sarojini 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with Mamaji slapping Mama and states it is actually Restrict now. It is best to shower enjoy and blessings on Sarojini, however you are cursing her when she is going from right here. He shouts inquiring her to go. He anezpologizes to Sarojini on his wife’s behalf. Sarojini cries and asks if he will individual her from him. He suggests no. Somendra many thanks him. Maama will get psychological, presents her jewelry gift and advises her to distribute enjoy anywhere she goes, etcetera.

Indira decorates aarti thali to greet Somendra and Sarojini. Dushyanth enters and throws thali. Whole family members is shocked. He suggests Sarojini is a giant trickster who tricked Soumendra and trapped him. He educated Soumendra and spent lots of money, but Sarojini effortlessly trapped Soumendra. He brainwashes family that sarojini may also entice them along with her buttery talks and is likely to make them her slave, so they ought to grind her like wheat is grinded in chakki. Nirjhara asks him not to fret, she will not Permit Saroendjini in close proximity to Soumendra and may torture her a great deal of that she will repent why she trapped Soumendra. Soumendra in ambulance praises Every single family member, Specially his Mother before Sarojini.

Dadaji arrives residence with Soumendra and Sarojini and nurse. Bhaskar asks nurse to leave as he will deal with his brother now. Bhaskar takes Soumendra’s walker in. Sarojini attempts to enter. Nijhara warns her dare to not enter in. Soumendra states she’s his spouse and attempts to get up from walker, but falls unconscious on account of weak point. Relatives usually takes soumendra and locks major doorway on Sarojini. Dada pleads to Enable Sarojini in, but Bhaskar drags him in.

Sarojini commences banging door. Nirjhara yells she isn’t going to know when will Sarojini free Soumendra, she’s banging door consistently. Dushyanth says Permit her bang doorway. Sarojini phone calls Soumendra, but Dushyanth disconnects it. Sarojini phone calls Dadaji and Soumendra. Bhaskar jokes that she is inquiring dadaji’s support, but she will not know dadaji himself requirements assistance, he has locked dadaji in and cannot occur out. Dadaji includes Indira and asks Dushyanth why is he brainwashing household and troubling his bahu. Dushyanth claims marriage what he and dadji experienced instead of what soumendra experienced by carrying Sarojini and carrying out pheras, he won’t ever settle for Sarojini as bahu. Dadaji suggests 1 two persons appreciate, entire earth can not berak their knot, soumendra loves sarojini and no-one can different them. He’ll go and bring sarojini in. Bhaskar attempts to stop him, but dadaji states He’ll break his head, pushes him and walks out. He tells sarojini not to worry, when soumendra will get up, he will resolve factors and when he was awake, nobody might have dared to issues her. Dushyanth will come and asks what is he telling Sarojini and warns Sarojini to go back household and do her Instructor giri and Reside a peaceful everyday living.

Precap: Dadaji asks Dushyanth where will sarojini stay at night. Dushyanth says she can stay here but in gaushala/animal shed. Sarojini gets nauseated smelling cow dung.

Written Update By Sahir


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