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Sarojini 10th November 2015 Written Update

Sarojini asking Sapna to stop lying family that she is pregnant, else she will repent. Sapna asks her to take care of her marriage first and says now she will see what she can do. She starts shouting that Sarojini kicked her stomach. Whole family gathers. She tells Dushyanth that he was eager to see his grandson, but he may not see due to Sarojini. Sarojini says Sapna is not pregnant at all and is making drama to escape. Dushyanth shouts that she made a sin and will be punished. He calls doc who examines and tells that Sapna was not pregnant at all. Dushyanth angrily drags Sapna yelling that she fooled him since 3 months. Bhaskar pleads not to punish her. Dushyanth gives him mud digger and asks to dig ground and bury Sapna. Bhaskar hesitates.

Dushyanth raises digger to hit Sapna when Sarojini stops his blow with wooden cane and says he is reason for Sapna lying and says she wanted to go to her parent’s house and since he did not permit her many times, she had to lie about her pregnancy. Daadi yells that Sarojini always interferes. Manu asks Dushyanth when is he kicking out Sarojini. Sarojini says she will be kicked out once truth comes out and goes to her room.

Indira tells Sarojini that she is emotion poor that Manu is ruining her married everyday living. Sarojini states she can get Manu’s reality out and tells her and Nirjhara to have Manu’s mobile a person. Nirjhara phone calls Manu and says if Expecting female does domestic chores, it is sweet for her child’s health. Manu retains her mobile and commences domestic chore. She then claims her nails will spoil and she or he has to even check out her favorite Television serial and tries to depart. Her telephone rings less than Nirjhara’s sari. Nirjhara says she picked cellular rather than keys and returns it. Manu will get her papa’s simply call who informs that he’s coming there for goad bharai. Manu says she is going to do it otherwise and sends her list.

Sarojini tells Soumendra to lure Manu for a while and get her mobile. He dances along with her on the passionate music.. She receives joyful. He states he desires to choose selfie and clicks photos from her cell. He then states they must head over to her home and commit time though clicking pictures. Manu Fortunately claims their ideas match and walks towards her space with him.

Precap: Manu dances in party wearing angel’s dress. Soumendra shows clip and says he wanted to expose Manu in front of everyone. Manu gets tensed seeing video clip.

Written Update By H Hasan


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