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Sarojini 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Daadi telling Dushyanth is doing right by punishing Indira. Dushyanth asks family to go and get ready. Sarojini says she will get suzie get ready. Manu yells under pallu that Bhaskar may catch he again. Dushyanth says he caught her and says if she does not do her work properly, he will not give her even 2 rs.

Soumendra’s comes on horse with baratis/guests and music. Daadaji performs his aarti. Dushyanth thinks once Soumendra marries Suzie, he will think his life is meaningful with 5000 crores.

Daadi goes and calls Suzie. Sarojini/suzie says she is trying to tie her lehanga with belt and will come down in some time. Daadi thinks she does not know to even wear Indian clothes. Soumendra sits in mantap for marriage. Suzie comes down. Daadi asks where is Sarojini. Suzie says she told she cannot see Soumendra’s marriage, so she locked herself in room.

Sarojini and Soumendra’s marriage rituals start. Sarojini reminisces her mangalsutra being snatched after her divorce and thinks history is repeating.

Daadi sees Manu and asks what is she doing here. Manu says she came to take her pendrive and expose Sarojini and Suzie. She then goes to Suzie’s room and searches her bags and then whole room. She finds pendrive finally and happily thinks that she will expose that Sarojini and Suzie are same.

Pandit asks Dushyanth who will do Suzie’s kanyadaan. Bhaskar says daadaji will. Pandit says groom’s people cannot do kanyadaan. Dushyanth gets a call. He goes out and brings Keshav mama and says he will do kanyadaan. Sarojini gets happy, but mama says he will not and came to take Sarojini from here. Dushyanth forcefully makes him sit in mantap and perform kanyadaan.

Nirjhara goes to Suzie’s room searching something. She sees Manu and asks what is she doing here. Manu says she came to expose Sarojini and Suzie that they both are same. Nirjhara says she ruined her son’s life once and she will not let her ruin again. She ties Manu, stuffs her in gunny bag and hides bag in cupboard.

Precap: During Sarojini and Soumendra’s marriage, gunny bag in which Manu is stuff falls from stairs in front of mantap.

Written Update By H Hasan


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