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Santoshi Maa 3rd June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kaki giving the keys to Santoshi. She says Santoshi made our house a temple. Santoshi says I just want your blessings, not this keys. Kaki says I like your satisfaction quality, respect comes with keys, keep this. Kaka says keep it. Santoshi agrees. Madhu gets angry and thinks I will see them, this house will be mine. Devi Paulmi looks on and says enough Santoshi, you are praised now, you will get insulted, its matter of some time Santoshi. She laughs.

Sharmili eats the corn and says till rituals end, I can just rest. The boys plays cricket. The ball hits her and the corn falls. She gets angry. The boys hide. She asks who did this, come out. The boys apologize to her and ask for ball. She smiles and says I will return ball on one condition, I will also play and do batting. The boy says we need 5 runs in one ball, lets see can she win. She hits a six. The boys get shocked. Seshnath comes there and ball hits his head. He falls down and says you broke my head. She gets shocked. Madhuri takes care of Seshnath. She scolds Sharmili for breaking Seshnath’s head. Sharmili says I will take you to doctor. Guddu smiles. Seshnath says you don’t do anything now, get money for my treatment from your dad. She asks why should I tell my dad. Sharmili says I will do aid myself and goes.

Madhuri says Sharmili is strange bahu. Seshnath says Sharmili is inspector’s daughter, she has good aim, if Daksha does anything, we will make Sharmili hit her. Guddi says yes, my wife is one in a million. Seshnath says its hurting a lot. Sharmili adds spices in the oil and adds haldi to hide the color. She takes the lep and applies to Seshnath. He shouts and says my head is burning. Madhuri asks what did you add. Sharmili asks was there any spice in red box, Madhuri scolds her and asks can’t you find difference in haldi and spices. Guddi says Sharmili is my wife, don’t scold her. Madhuri scolds him and takes care of Seshnath.

Guddu gets ready for his suhaagraat and talks to his friends. He says I will manage everything. His friend gives him a tip. Guddu goes to Sharmili. Sharmili talks to her mum and says I will manage, I will keep Guddu away and make him mad. Guddu goes to her and smiles. Sharmili stops him. He says its our suhaagraat today. She tells him about her fast. He says I thought I will get some gift for you. She asks gift, show me. He shows her a western dress. She smiles and says no, I can’t wear this. He asks why, will your fast break. She says no, but this dress …. He asks her to wear it once. She asks him to switch off lights. He gives her the dress and switches off the lights.

She changes her dress and hides. Guddu switches on the lights and sees her. She asks him not to act smart. He says I want to see how good you are looking. She shows her dress. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He goes to hug her. She stops him and asks him to leave. He says fine, but be careful at night, ghosts come in this room. She gets tensed and says ghosts, I m very scared of this ghosts, I will not sleep alone. She goes and hugs him. He says even I m scared of ghosts. Pee loon………….. plays.

Its morning, Sharmili beats Guddu and asks him why did you do this. He says you came to me, your fast broke because of you. She says you are clever, I will take revenge. She goes.

Dhairya thinks of Santoshi and their past moments. He thinks how much he tortured her and gets sad. He recalls how she is taking care of him. Dehleez pe mere dil ki…………..plays………… Santoshi takes him to the park. Some people play dhol and pass by. Santoshi goes to get his slipper. Dhairya talks to some kids and asks them to show this is good player. He plays with them. Santoshi smiles and goes. Devi Paulmi says smile Santoshi, your smile is for some time now.

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