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Santoshi Maa 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Dhairya asking Santoshi to sleep on the stones, he has cameras here and she can’t act clever. She says fine. He goes. She says how can I cheat you, even if camera was not here, Lord is seeing. She rests on the stones and prays to Santoshi Maa for help. Santoshi Maa smiles seeing Dhairya showering flowers on Santoshi. Dhairya drinks wine and throws the bottle. He shouts Riya, I can’t live without you. He cries and asks her to come back. Santoshi cries and gets up. She lies again and asks Maa to give her strength.

She says Santoshi Maa always took care of her, as she lost her parents in childhood, I felt you took me in lap and made me sleep, why do I feel you got away, forgive me if I did mistake, I can’t bear you get away from me. Devi Paulmi hears her and smiles. She says just I can hear your problem, no one else. Devi Santoshi smiles seeing Santoshi happy with Dhairya.

Santoshi recalls Riddhima singing lullaby and sings that. She cries. Its morning, Santoshi is still sleeping on the stones. Kaka gets shocked seeing her and wakes her up. He asks did you get mad to think Dhairya will change if you obey him, its wrong to agree to wrong, if you agree to him, he will make it tough for you. She says I don’t want to leave from here, you say I have responsibility of my relation, let me fulfill it. He goes to Dhairya and sees the room open.

He sees the broken wine bottle and Dhairya sleeping. He wakes up Dhairya. Dhairya asks why are you shouting. Kaka scolds him for treating wife badly, Santoshi is your wife. Dhairya says I don’t regard her my wife. Kaka asks why did you fill sindoor then, you have to accept her, she is bearing everything for your happiness, you don’t care. He says fine, I agreed she is great girl, go now. Kaka says if you close eyes and lie down, your fate will close eyes too, see what you have, you should thank Lord to get life partner like Vidya, I regret that you don’t value her, she regards you Lord. Dhairya says I will test her daily, let me sleep. Kaka says he won’t change, foolish.

Guddu reads news and says onion price will get less. Daksha and Madhuri cut more onions. Madhuri asks him to read some good news. He reads about a woman taking divorce after two months and taking half property from the man. He says that’s why I don’t marry, and tells the story of the young girl marrying an old man and taking his property. Madhuri says its great news, does this happen. Guddu says yes, you can take Seshnath’s half property and run away. Madhuri and Daksha think something and think to go to Dadi. Guddu says even Lord can’t say when they get attack, do they want to give divorce to their husbands, why do I care, I will read Kareena’s interview.

Santoshi Maa sees a plant dried and revives it. Three Devis come there. Devi Parvati says I m shocked, Devi Santoshi is not seeing towards us. Devi Santoshi looks at their side, and turns away. The three devis get puzzled. Devi Laxmi says this did not happen before. Devi Parvati says it means she wants to ignore us. Devi Santoshi can’t see them.

Devi Paulmi opens eyes and tells Vajra mushti that you always make me happy, I thank you for the magical trap, you have made three devis see illusion, Devi Santoshi does not care for her devotees, now see Devi Santoshi, I will make your image so bad that Devlok will know you as an egoistic Devi, your powers will be snatched, three Devis will regret to give you their ansh, its time to do something with the three devis.

Devis think what happened to Devi Saraswati, they did not expect such behavior, it seems she is insulting us, Devi Paulmi comes there and greets them. She says I m sorry to come here, what can I do, I can’t see your insult like this, Devi Santoshi has become egoistic, she became Devi by your powers, and then is ignoring you three, ego does not leave anyone. She goes. Devi Parvati says Devi Paulmi is saying right, Devi Santoshi has become egoistic, else she would have not insulted us this way.

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