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Santoshi Maa 27th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Santoshi taking out Dhairya. Dhairya asks servant to get water for him. Servant is glad that Dhairya remembers his name. Dhairya says I remember everything, even your son, his exams are going on. Santoshi makes Dhairya drink water. Guddi talks to Sharmila. He compliments her looks and asks does she not have any BF. She says I have my own style, I don’t like anyone like that, tell me about yourself, did you not like anyone. He says no none touched my heart, I m handsome, as you see, no girl suited me. She says you want some Apsara. He says no, I like lively girls like you, I like you a lot. She smiles.

She asks why are you marrying me if you want rich girl. He says to be true, Seshnath is forcing me to marry, for money matters. She asks what will you tell them now. He says I will say I will agree to them and then do my wish later. She asks why don’t you say no to them. He says I like you, I believe in living in present, no future. She says you are mean, but I like such guys. They smile.

Madhu calls Kranti Maa and says I want to get all property on my name till Dhairya is unwell. Kranti Maa says this will be in your favor, but don’t delay. Madhu ends call. Three Devis talk to Santoshi Maa. Devi Laxmi says Grah’s place can’t be changed, but its bad effects can be made less. Devi Parvati says we can tell solution, but who will tell solution to Santoshi.

She says we know Santoshi does her work with dedication, if this solution reaches her, I m sure she will do it well. Devi Saraswati says I think Narad can do this well easily. Narad comes and greets all of them. He says its my good luck to do the work given by you. They all smile and bless him.

Madhu takes juice for Dhairya. She sees him sleeping and wakes him up. She says its not easy to become great, see what happened when you tried to become elder. She thinks I won’t let you go off my hands so easily, I will have your control in my hand. Narad as Sadhu goes to Santoshi and asks for water. Guard asks him to go. Santoshi asks Narad to come inside the house. He thanks her. She says I will get water for you. Guard says I also have water, and gets it. She gives water to Narad.

She asks will you have any food. He says no, thanks, I m satisfied by water, but you look unsatisfied, are you worried for your husband. Guard asks how did you know, you look very Gyani, forgive me for my behvaior. Narad says person who accepts mistake deserves blessings. He blesses guard. Santoshi says you said right, my husband is unwell. Narad says I can see it clearly, your husband has Shani Dev’s effect, you can do something for it. She asks him to say what to do, I can give any tests. He tells her the remedy, and asks her to keep fasts, Dhairya will get fine. She touches his feet and says you solved all my problems, I will do everything you said and protect my husband. He blesses her. She says its my good luck I met you, my heart got calm meeting you, thanks for coming to our house. He asks her to please Shani Dev, her problems will end, I m sure you can fulfill any tasks with hardwork, call any pandit, and do all remedies. She says yes, I will do it. Guard also takes blessings. Narad goes.

Madhuri gives the long list to Inspector and says everything will be for your daughter. She gives them sweets to fix relation. The ladies praise Vidya’s courage and ask how did this miracle happen. Santoshi comes and says its by Santoshi Maa’s blessings. Kaki says she is right. The lady says I will also keep fasts and do Santoshi Maa’s puja. Another lady asks why did Santoshi Maa make Dhairya ill then. Santoshi says I know Santoshi Maa does not do wrong with devotee. The lady agrees. They all leave,

Santoshi tells Kaka that she met Gyani Baba and asks him to get pandit, who can do all the remedices. Kaka goes to get pandit. Santoshi says Kaki, I will get Dhairya for puja. Kaki prays for Santoshi. Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa that I m sure Santoshi will do all remedies well, Shani Dev has to bless her. Santoshi Maa says don’t worry, Shani Dev is Lord of justice, he won’t let injustice happen.

Devi Paulmi does some yagna. Santoshi goes to change Dhairya’s clothes. Dhairya asks her not to do all this. Kaki and Madhu come, asking whats happening. Santoshi tells how Dhairya is refusing to change clothes. Madhu asks Dhairya to let Santoshi change his clothes, he would feel uneasy too. They leave. Dhairya asks Santoshi to get away. She closes eyes and changes his clothes. He says when I get fine, see what I do. She says I also you get fine soon, then you can do what you want.

Kaka gets a pandit and calls Kaki. Madhu thinks what are they upto now. Santoshi makes Dhairya ready. Kaki and Kaka get pandit there. Pandit says I want to tell something before I do any puja, its not easy to do Shani puja, its tough task to please Shani dev, we have to do all work according to them, then he will calm down. Kaka says I got all puja items and asks Santoshi to get some plate. Kaki asks pandit will Dhairya get fine. He says puja done by true devotion never fails, just belief Shani dev.

He does rituals and says this will give peace to Dhairya from Shani’s dosh. Madhu meets Kranti Maa. Kranti Maa asks her to keep satsang at her home, I will come there and think what to do. Madhu says fine, I will leave. Madhu goes. Kranti Maa says we have to do something of Santoshi’s devotion, else our way will get tough.

Pandit says all items are kept in Shani mandir to get Shanidev’s blessings, so you give these items in charity in Shani temple, Dhairya has to wear just black clothes and keep Shanidev fasts. Dhairya asks Santoshi is she happy publicizing his state. Pandit asks him to have devotion.

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