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Santoshi Maa 26th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Narad going on earth. He sees the Prasad spoiled and turns into a kid. He apologizes to Mata and says you know why I m doing this. He sits eating the Prasad. Vidya Kaka tries to help Dhairya. Santoshi maa says I will find out that later, but its time to bless my devotee. Santoshi sings the aarti. Santoshi Maa blesses. Kaki gets fine and on her feet. She holds Dhairya. Madhu gets shocked seeing the kid eating all the Prasad laddoos. She thinks this kid has ruined my plan. She goes. Kaka makes Dhairya rest on his bed and looks at herself, realizing she can walk now. She thanks Santoshi Maa.

Santoshi gets shocked seeing the kid finishing all laddoos. She asks did you eat all laddoos. Kaka asks how can small kid eat so many laddoos. Narad says kid can eat laddoos if he loves laddoos or if he is hungry. The other kids fight. Kaka says don’t fight, there will be other laddoos. Santoshi says its fine if kids eat laddoos, Lord is in kids, I will make more laddoos. She gets halwa she made and says we will give this as Prasad. Narad says I like halwa a lot. Santoshi says I made plenty, you all can have it. She gives them halwa.

Santoshi serves food to all the kids. Kaka asks will food get less. Santoshi says in real puja, there is no less blessings and Prasad, don’t worry. Kaka and Santoshi give gifts to all the kids. Narad says if you need me in eating Prasad, call me, I stay nearby. Santoshi smiles and says sure. All the kids leave. Madhu looks on.

Santoshi goes to clean utensils. Nupur asks is your drama over, there was much noise. Santoshi says its difference in thinking, its special day today. Nupur says what do you mean Kaki will get fine, I have seen her going to Dhairya’s room on wheelchair, she won’t get fine by your puja. Santoshi says you won’t understand the peace we get by puja. Nupur goes.

Kaka tells Santoshi that your prayers will be answered. Santoshi and Kaka go to Dhairya’s room and get shocked seeing Kaka on her feet. They smile happily. Kaka says its miracle, you are standing on your feet after many years. Dhairya smiles. Santoshi says my fasts succeeded, Santoshi Maa blessed you.

Narad goes to Santoshi Maa and apologizes for not taking her permission. She says I know you did this to help Santoshi, you have to bear punishment, which you will find as a blessing after some time. He says your every word is great.

Ujwal, Madhu, Nupur and Pratap come to Dhairya’s room, and get shocked seeing Kaka fine. Madhu says we are very happy, how did this miracle happen. Kaki tells everything. Dhairya says I want help to get up. Ujwal helps him. Dhairya says I m feeling good seeing mum like this, her legs got fine, everyone is so happy. He says I got bored resting in this room, I want to go out. Kaka asks him to get fine first. Dhairya says please don’t force me. Madhu says look at your state, you can’t move your leg.

Dhairya sees the wheelchair and cries. He says if I can’t walk, so what, I can sit on mum’s wheelchair. Kaki and Santoshi cry. Kaki says we will make you fine. Santoshi Maa will bless you. Kaki, Ujwal and Pratap hug Dhairya and cry. Madhu asks Santoshi to take Dhairya outside. Santoshi takes Dhairya on wheelchair.

Guddu asks Janardhan to save him and talk to inspector. Inspector comes there with his daughter. She hears music. Guddi sees her and likes her. Janardhan says I was waiting for you. Guddi and the girl smile seeing each other. Inspector asks them not to do formalities. Janardhan says but we have to do this. Seshnath, Daksha and Madhuri come home hiding faces. Seshnath thinks Janardhan can’t do anything well. Inspector asks them why are they coming like thieves. Inspector introduces his daughter Sharmili. Guddu touches inspector and his daughter’s feet. They laugh.

Guddu says I want to talk to Sharmili in private. They all get shocked. Inspector says talk here, why in private. Guddu and Sharmili talk.

Devi Paulmi is angry and fumes. She scolds Narad for supporting Santoshi Maa. He says you are blaming me. She says don’t think I m foolish, Santoshi showed her fast effect, but her devotion increased, I will not let this happen, I will break her devotion and belief.

Narad in disguise of some Baba, meets Santoshi and says your husband has Shani Devs effect.

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