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Santoshi Maa 26th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Madhu saying I will have tea with Pratap in my room. She gets doubt and goes. Dhairya asks Kaka did you think Madhu will agree. Sinduri says you are right. Kaka asks her to go and have vegs. She says its not my work, I won’t get vegs. She argues with Santoshi. Dhairya asks her to please go to market and get vegs. Sinduri says I m going as Dhairya is saying. She goes.

Santoshi Maa prays. She tells Indra that this Anushtaan will not succeed till an old kund is used. Indra says fine, I will present that kund infront of you. He presents that kund. Pratap tells Madhu that he is going to office. He leaves. Madhu is taking bath. Kaka and Santoshi look for cupboard keys. They get the key. Kaka says its wrong key, keep it back. Kaka and Santoshi leave and hide from Madhu.

Sharmili asks inspector to arrest Dadi. Daksha and Madhuri defend Dadi and scold Sharmili. Seshnath and Janardhan think their wives made some plan to teach lesson to Sharmili. They ask inspector to leave their wives. Sharmili thinks to teach them a big lesson, and is angry as Guddu is not helping her.

Kaka and Santoshi make some plan. Santoshi says if we use oil and make Madhu fall, she will doubt on us, as just we are at home. She gets some thread and he likes the idea. He says she will not doubt on us. She ties thread to the sofa legs. He checks and says its effective. Madhu comes there talking over phone. Kaka asks Santoshi to be ready. Madhu walks there. Santoshi pulls thread upwards. Madhu goes other way. Kaka calls Madhu to sit at one place and talk.

Santoshi runs to get keys kept on table and Dhairya comes. She stops. He says I m going out for imp work, whose keys are these. Santoshi says Madhu’s. He takes keys and asks her to give the keys to Madhu, else she will blame you of theft. He says wait, I will give it, else she will scold you. He gives keys back to Madhu. Madhu asks how did you get this. He says it was there on table. She says maybe I kept there, thanks.

Dhairya tells Santoshi that he will come late and goes. Kaka thinks his plan flopped. Dhairya goes. Madhu falls down by the string and the keys fall away. Santoshi apologizes to Santoshi Maa and says I did this to get my husband. Madhu screams and asks someone to help. Kaka goes to help and falls down.

Santoshi helps Kkaka. Kaka picks keys. Santosshi says I will help Madhu. Madhu gets much hurt. She holds her back. She asks who tied rope here. Santoshi says carpenter came. Kaka lies. Madhu gets angry and goes. Kaka says now we have to make Madhu out of heroom. Santoshi asks how. Kaka says we will think, don’t worry. Madhu screams with pain. Kaka and Santoshi see her in pain. Kaka scares Madhu of internal injury. Santoshi says I will call doctor. Kaka says we should take Madhu to hospital, if xray is needed for fracture then, we can’t be careless. Santoshi says yes. Madhu asks Kaka can she walk. Kaka says don’t worry, you will get fine, I will call Pratap, he will send car for you. He calls Pratap and tells about Madhu’s injury, send car, don’t worry.

Madhu asks Santoshi to get hot water. Kaka says car will come in some time. Madhu thinks how is Kaka worrying for me. Kaka and Santoshi make Madhu sit in car. They send Madhu. Kaka dances that Madhu is gone. He says sorry, but person has to become bad for good work, Madhu screams for less pain. Santoshi feels bad. Kaka says come, we will go and do work before Madhu returns. Santoshi Maa does Anushtaan along with Devraj Indra. Narad looks on. Indra thinks all my hopes are from Santoshi Maa, it will be disaster if she does not revive Swarnrekha.

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