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Santoshi Maa 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with everyone being shocked after Vidya drops Kranti Maa’s pic. The pic frame breaks. People start talking. Devi Paulmi looks on and says Devi Santoshi could not lag behind and started cheating. Santoshi Maa opens her eyes. She sees the fruits fallen and tree getting dried. She tells Narad that till the trees accept their love and get fresh, and then they don’t accept love, they get dry, same way humans have to trust Lord and make devotion pure, if its not pure, then I can’t do anything. Narad says good thoughts.

Vidya tells Kaka that her hands are not working like before. The family gets shocked. Kaka asks her not to worry. Santoshi thinks it was Santoshi Maa’s blessings and prays that Kaki gets courage. People ask how did this happen infront of Kranti Maa and start discussing who is at fault, this woman or Kranti Maa.

Kranti Maa asks them to calm down and says I will tell what happened, I m sure Vidya’s devotion is less so this happened with her. Madhu and Vidya say they came with devotion and apologize. Vidya asks Kranti Maa to make her fine again. The man says sorry, you can’t doubt Kranti Maa’s power. People blame Vidya that her devotion is weak and scolds the family, calling them liars. They say get this family out of here.

Madhu, Pratap and family worry. Kranti Maa says calm down, I don’t like violence, if devotee loses path, its my duty to show the path. She asks Vidya did she go temple, does she get anything soon, how can she expect blessing so soon, you have earn it by repenting for mistakes. She sees Vidya on the wheelchair, and wearing slippers. She says I understand my blessing stopped by her slippers. Sh asks can anyone come wearing slippers to pure place, Vidya did bad to wear slippers and come on the stage, all her Tapasya got waste by her mistake. The people believe her. Vidya cries. Kranti Maa asks them to go home and repent for their mistake. Santoshi looks on.

Santoshi Maa smiles seeing the dark smoke. Devi Paulmi appears and greets her. Devi Paulmi leaves black footmarks there. Narad asks Gaumata to handle herself. Santoshi Maa welcomes Devi Paulmi and asks her to wait for some time. She cleans the place and it gets free of dark smoke. Santoshi Maa walks on black footmarks and cleans it. Devi Paulmi asks what do you want to show me, that your powers are higher than me. Santoshi Maa says its difference in thinking, I did this so that no one blames you for messing my place, why did you come. Devi Paulmi says I have come to meet you, I had few questions too, you always teach contentment lessons, how did you trouble that old woman, what is this justice, you did this as Vidya is not your devotee. Narad says sorry, but Devi Paulmi you can’t blame Santoshi Mata like this.

Santoshi Maa says everyone has right to present her thoughts, maybe I m not doing right thing according to her, don’t worry, I will try to explain her. Devi Paulmi says sure, explain me. Santoshi Maa says belief and disbelief is by same heart, the difference is devotion is by belief, and there will be blessings, and disbelief leads to ruin, you would know this, there is no start. Narad says true words. Devi Paulmi says you can’t be saved by this riddle. Santoshi Maa says my words is simple, its riddle for you as you don’t want to understand. Devi Paulmi says you mean I m fool. Santoshi Maa says I did not say this, it means you did not understand my words.

Everyone come back home. Ujwal asks Vidya why did she wear slippers. Vidya says I did not realize it, no one does mistake intentionally. Pushpa tells Santoshi that everyone is worried because of Kaki. Pratap says what will Kranti Mata think about us. Nupur says yes, we got insulted, I did not feel such embarrassing. Kaka says stop it now, think about your mum, she is unwell, who says blessings stops by slippers. Madhu says Papa you leave it, take mum inside. Kaka says let me talk, you all tell me what blessing did Kranti Maa did, she made us fools, Santoshi Maa’s blessing is on this house and will always be there. Ujwal says really, can you prove what all good happened is by Santoshi Mata. Kaka says you prove that Kranti Mata did these miracles. Madhu says whats there to prove, did you not see Kranti Mata saved this house from problems. Dhairya says all this is because of Santoshi, since she came here, she is saying about Santoshi Maa.

Santoshi Maa says I took that powers so that Kranti Mata’s superstition did not get ahead, else Kranti Mata would have fooled more people, you know this was not right and Santoshi’s devotion’s importance would have got less, like devotee does not lessen devotion, Lord can’t keep blessing less. Dei Paulmi says this is truth that you did not think about that old woman, about her trouble. Narad asks her since when is she thinking about human’s problems. Devi Paulmi asks did you say something. He says nothing. Santoshi Maa says I told what I thought and did so, it depends on humans now to walk on truth or superstitions.

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