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Santoshi Maa 22nd June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa and Gaumata seeing Dhairya and Santoshi. Gaumata says you should be happy that Dhairya is getting close to Santoshi, when her soul returns in her body, she will get happiness. Santoshi Maa says no, Santoshi’s behavior can create trouble for her in future. Gaumata says we will request Brahmadev to do the work soon or can help him in making the fate page soon. Santoshi Maa says yes, we can do that, if Santoshi and Dhairya have a relation now, it will be disaster. Dhairya and Santoshi get close.

Kamdev comes there and asks why did you call me here. She asks him to stop Dhairya and Santoshi from getting closer. He says I can’t do this, my work is to develop love in human heart. She asks him to help, and tells the problem. She says there is someone else’s soul in Santoshi, don’t think much, its time to take decision. He says I can stop them for some time, then I will be helpless. He shoots an arrow and tells Santoshi Maa that I have made a limit in between them, they can’t love each other, if you want any solution, then divert their mind. Santoshi Maa says Gaumata can do this work. Gaumata comes and greets them. Santoshi Maa tells her work.

Kaki coughs and gets up. She asks Kaka to give her medicines. He says medicines are not here, I will go to Santoshi. She says its not good to disturb them now. Gaumata makes Dhairya and Santoshi away, and runs out of the room, acting as a thief. Dhairya looks outside. Santoshi says I did not know you are so foolish, thief has run away. Santosho Maa says Gaumata and Kamdev made my worry gone away, thanks. Madhu says how can thief come here, anything can happen, we should increase security. Ujwal says I think we should have personal bodyguards. Pratap says I think we should inform police first.

Its morning, media comes to cover up the hunger strike of Janardhan. Daksha asks Janardhan and Bittoo to cry. The reporters question him. Janardhan says I can do anything for my wife. Bittoo asks him not to worry, we all are with you. Madhuri says we will be seen on tv too. Seshnath says if this news spreads, then princess will come here, give them half jewelry. Sharmili refuses to give jewelry and goes. Seshnath asks Guddu and Madhuri to explain Sharmili.

Santoshi gets breakfast for Dhairya. He asks her not to disturb her. She asks you mean your work is imp than me. She takes his file and asks him to have food first. He asks for papers. She runs outside. He runs to get the file. She says I won’t give you file and asks him to come and take it himself. Madhu asks whats this misbehavior. Santoshi gets on the table and asks Madhu are you jealous, that I can fit, you are very fat, have less food. Kaka and Kaki smile. Santoshi runs with the file. Dhairya asks her to give the file. Ujwal says we have to control her.

Pratap says its matter of some time, she will forget everything. Dhairya catches Santoshi and asks for papers. She says not so soon, there is one condition, you have to have food by my hands while you work. He agrees. She feeds the food to him while he sits working. He thanks her and feeds food to her. She thinks he is giving attitude to her, its fine, I will get you on love path. Madhu tells doctor that Santoshi got dangerous, anything would have happened, I m scared. Pratap asks her not to worry, and asks doctor to make Santoshi mad, admit her in mental hospital, I will give you any amount.

Narad tells Gaumata that Santoshi and Dhairya will be away from each other, we won’t need to keep them away from love. Santoshi Maa says this is right. Gaumata says but if Santoshi is treated bad, Santoshi’s body has to bear the pain. Narad says you are saying right, and asks Santoshi Maa to say is this plan against Santoshi right.

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