Santoshi Maa 22nd July 2016 Written Update

Santoshi Maa 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 22nd July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Santoshi telling Sinduri that she will fight with anyone who comes between her and Dhairya. Madhu comes and asks Sinduri to make paneer dish for her. Kaki asks Madhu to fire Sinduri. Madhu refuses. Santoshi says then we will kick her out, she is troubling us. Pratap comes and says Sinduri won’t go anywhere, ask Dhairya is he fed up of Santoshi, he always likes maids.

Kaki says stop this nonsense. Pratap says fine, but if Dhairya likes maids, it does not mean I can’t keep maid at home, stop supporting Dhairya, Sinduri won’t go from here. Sinduri smiles. Madhu and Pratap leave.

Swarnrekha welcomes and thanks Indra for accepting her invitation. He says how can I refuse invitation of such a beautiful woman. She asks him to come and sit. They are served food. Swarnrekha asks why are both plates different. Indra says you are new here, your question is natural, those who don’t have Devik powers can’t have much of this food. She asks why. He says Brahmadev made this rule. She asks if anyone disobeys then. He says she will be put in jail. She thinks to get Devik powers, its good chance, a man in love does not have power to say no. She asks shall I always stay as ordinary Apsara, I m your lover, I will eat food from your plate. He says you can’t do this. She feeds him food and eats the same. He asks her not to do this. She eats food and turns into a black stone. Indra gets shocked and shouts Devi.

Santoshi asks Santoshi Maa why is Sinduri after me, don’t you want me to save my husband. Gaumata says Santoshi is in trouble. Sinduri comes and jokes on Santoshi. She asks her to return her Dhairya, as she loves him more. Santoshi gets sindoor and says this is sign of suhaag, you have trust on yourself, take this sindoor and fill your maang, I will see. Sinduri is about to take sindoor. Santoshi Maa looks on and wind blows. Sindoor falls in Sinduri’s eyes. She screams and asks why can’t I see anything. She opens eyes and sees sindoor in Santoshi’s maang. Gaumata says your Leela is great Mata.

Santoshi says I won’t let anyone snatch my sindoor. Sinduri says I will now who I m on naag panchami, your sindoor will be mine, Dhairya will fill my maang, you can’t do anything. She goes. Santoshi worries and prays. Gaumata says we have to do something, Santoshi is losing her belief. Santoshi Maa says everything will be fine and sends Gaumata to do something.

Indra asks Swarnrekha what did she do, my powers can’t do this. Daasi says no one did such work before. He says I don’t know any solution, Narad can help me. Narad comes and asks why did you call me. Indra tells him everything. Narad gets shocked. Indra asks him to say solution. Narad says you request Mata Santoshi, she will make Swarnrekha free. Indra says I will meet Devi Santoshi soon.

Daksha scolds the men for coming without permission. The builder checks the house. Seshnath asks who is he. The builder says I will buy this house in double rate. They all get shocked. Daksha says I won’t give this house. Dadi says this is our house, we won’t leave. Seshnath agrees. The man says you have to leave this house, because its one part is sold to me by Guddu. They all get shocked. The man asks them to take decision soon and leaves.

Madhuri says my son is useless and cries. She says we will lose everything. They get worried. Daksha asks Seshnath and Janardhan to do something. Seshnath says what to do, Guddu has backstabbed me. Guddu is worried. Sharmili and her dad talk to Guddu and ask him to get his bag.

Dadi comes there with everyone, and say we did not die yet. Dadi slaps Sharmili and says you have broken our house, you could not become our daughter and bahu. Her dad raises hand on Dadi and Madhuri goes to hold his hand.

Gaumata as a little girl meets Santoshi and asks her about her married life, is there any problem. She says I need to say something. Santoshi says its my time to do puja, don’t worry, I will solve my problem.

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