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Santoshi Maa 20th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Santoshi praying to Santoshi Maa. She thinks of Sinduri’s words and says Sinduri’s emotions for Dhairya can get dangerous, she is telling about naag panchami, I feel restless, show me some way. Gaumata says we should help Santoshi, she should know what is Dhairya going on do on naag panchami. Santoshi Maa says you are right, and asks her to do this work. Santoshi sings aarti and prays. She says I don’t know what will I do, but I can fight with Sinduri and any problem to save my and Dhairya’s relation, I will not move back, bless me. Santoshi Maa blesses her.

Dhairya asks Santoshi where was she. She says I was doing puja. He says I know you stay worried, I hope you will not forget the naag panchami thing. She says yes and thinks what is that thing which I don’t remember.

Indra meets Swarnrekha. She asks why did he come here. He says to be true, I came here to praise your beauty. She says you want to praise my external beauty or my heart. He praises her and asks her to tell him if she needs anything. He leaves. She smiles.

Seshnath looks for Guddi to beat him. Guddu climbs up and tells Seshnath that he won’t come down till Seshnath permits me to stay alone. Seshnath scolds him. Guddu recalls how Seshnath has beaten him and apologizes, saying I won’t go anywhere. Seshnath asks him to come down. Guddu says Sharmili made me say all this. Seshnath asks him to come down, else I will come up. Guddu says I will come.

Narad greets Swarnrekha. She says I m lucky to meet you, tell me how did you come here. He says I feel you are residing in Indra’s heart, that’s why he did much arrangements for you, seeing your face, I feel even you gave him place in his heart. She says this place is ordinary thing for me, better palaces are waiting for me, one who conquers my heart will get my love. She asks why don’t we talk while seeing the palace. He says sorry, I have to go for Brahmadev’s work, I promise I will meet again. He goes.

Sharmili waits for Guddu. Daksha acts sweet to her. Seshnath gets Guddu by beating him and scolds Sharmili too. Daksha smiles. Sharmili says Daksha asked me to get separated so that we both stay happy. Daksha gets shocked and says no. Seshnath scolds Daksha. Daksha asks him to see Sharmili, she is not a kid, she is clever. Madhuri defends Guddu and Sharmili. Sharmili takes Guddu from there, while Madhuri, Seshnath and Daksha argue.

Narad tells Indra that it seems even Swarnrekha loves you, but she does not say anything, she answers everything with cleverness, don’t worry, she gave me sign that whoever conquers her heart will get her love. Indra smiles.

Sinduri goes to do puja and feels someone is following her. A man stops her and she gets shocked. He asks where are you going alone, you don’t know them, they will kill you, come with me. She asks who are you. He says Ankur, did you not identify me. She says no. He thinks doctor said right. She asks him to leave. He tells her that her name is Sinduri, when few goons killed my mum, you witnessed it and goons after you, they attacked you and you slipped in coma, I m getting your treatment done.

She asks is he mad, and asks him to go. He thinks I have to get her memory back, just she knows my mum’s murderer, I will follow her. Santoshi thinks to do something and find about Sinduri. She goes to her room and finds things. Ankur follows Sinduri till Mishra house. Sinduri thinks to sleep for some time. Santoshi checks drawers, she has to know about naag panchami. Sinduri comes in her room and sees Santoshi. Santoshi says I came to say, leave Dhairya. Sinduri says I won’t, what will you do. Santoshi says I can do anything, as wife can do anything when it comes on her husband.

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