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Santoshi Maa 1st June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shani Dev saying Devi Paulmi thinks I just do wrong, I always do justice, I have to balance the Grahs, I can’t do anyone’s good or bad on her saying. Narad tells Santoshi Mata that Santoshi is doing all rituals to please Shani Dev, we have to see when he blesses her. Santoshi Mata says Santoshi’s blessings is like water making way through rocks, I m sure that she will please Shani Dev. He says true words.

Dhairya tells Santoshi to remove her locket and come. Santoshi shows the thread and says I did not wear locket. He says fine, feed me food. She asks are you very hungry. She sits and feeds the food to him. Kaki smiles. Kaki says Madhu made the food. Dhairya dislikes it and asks Santoshi to make food for him. Kaki says I think you like food by Santoshi. Madhu comes and says Maa ji is saying right, so I will take care of Dhairya, and Santoshi you just cook. Santoshi says I will do both work. Kaki says no need, Madhu will cook and Santoshi will take care of Dhairya. Madhu gets angry and thinks once things get in my hands, I will see her. Kaki asks her to go and prepare dinner. Madhu goes. Dhairya says Madhu does not know cooking, I can’t eat that bad food, if Santoshi can’t cook for me, get food for me from hotel. Santoshi and Kaki smile.

Guddu and Sharmili reach home. Daksha does their aarti. Everyone smile. Madhuri also does their aarti. Bittoo asks for nek. Seshnath says I will give you later. Sharmili’s grah pravesh is happening. She refuses to go inside the house. Everyone get shocked. Madhuri asks what do you mean. Sharmili says I want nek to step in my inlaws. Seshnath says yes, I will give. He gives some money. Guddu gives that to Sharmili. She says no, this is very less, my Papa gave you money, give me equal to that. Daksha smiles, while Seshnath and Madhuri get shocked. Guddu thinks she is very clever, she is taking back money from me. Seshnath asks Guddu to give money. Sharmili takes money from Guddu. Seshnath gives 10rs nek to Bittoo. Sharmili steps inside the house.

Devi Paulmi goes to meet Mahadev and asks him to help her. She says injustice is happening with me, help me. She looks for him. She starts doing tandav. She says if you don’t help me, then I will give up my life. She starts hitting her head to the rock. Three Devis, Santoshi Maa and Brahmadev look on. Mahadev comes there.

Devi Paulmi gets dizzy and holds her head. She says why am I seeing everything blur. She faints. Ujwal gets Nupur’s call and says I m missing you, I had to give you gossip, Maa has made Madhu cook and treated her like a maid, Santoshi is serving Dhairya, its good you went to Maayka, else Maa would have made you maid too, I m missing you a lot, don’t come back soon. He throws arrows at Nupur’s pic and gets glad.

Santoshi sees Dhairya looking at his guitar. She laughs and tells him about Bhabhi ji show. He says its my fav show and asks her to put that show. He laughs seeing the show. She thinks he looks good when he laughs. Madhu is angry and tells Pratap that I had to cook food for the first time in my life, just because of Maa. Pratap laughs and says you looked good while doing work, its happy moment for me, I always wanted to have food made by you. She asks him to stop it, talk to lawyer for papers, I can’t bear this. She gives him phone.

Madhuri and Daksha praise Sharmili. The lady asks her to show her face. Sharmili says I will lift ghunghat, but my mu dikhai will need 501rs. The ladies get shocked and says bahu is great to ask 500rs. Sharmili says every face has some price. Madhuri says its ritual, lift ghunghat. Sharmili refuses. Dadi thinks someone said right, now Madhuri got a bahu like her.

Santoshi takes care of Dhairya. Kaka and Kaki smile. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…….plays………. Santoshi does the puja. Santoshi Maa tells Gaumata that Santoshi is getting Shani Dev’s blessings, humans think Shani effects bad, but its not true, Shani Dev shows effects by planetary positions, he does not mean to harm anyone.

Devi Paulmi gets conscious and says who was here to made me fall. She checks her wound and says mirror would have been useful now. A mirror appears there. She sees herself and says I think I got my powers back. She breaks the mirror by pointing mirror and laughs.

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