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Santoshi Maa 19th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Santoshi praying to Santoshi Maa and singing aarti. Santoshi Maa meets Yamdev. Narad asks Yamraj why is it getting delay. Santoshi Maa says it will be disaster if it gets late. Yamdev says Devi, this work won’t get done so soon. He checks the fate book and finds Dhairya’s page. Kaki and Kaka hug Dhairya and cry. Santoshi holding diya continues aarti and cries, as her hand starts burning.

Dhairya gets conscious. Kaki says Dhairya got conscious. Santoshi rushes to him. She thanks Santoshi Maa for returning her suhaag to her. They smile. Yamraj says death was very close to Dhairya. Narad asks was his life in risk. Yamdev says yes, Grahs changed place by his wife’s Taph. Santoshi Maa thanks him for ending her dilemma.

Pushpa tells Ujwal that I m not cooking today. Ujwal asks did you keep new cook. Pratap comes as servant. Madhu says this is our new cook. Ujwal thinks Madhu did not leave Pratap, its good to be on her side. Ankur spits the food. Madhu throws food for the dog. Pratap gets angry. Even dog does not eat. Madhu asks Pratap to see, even dog does not want to eat food. Ankur says Papa will get punished for this mistake, Papa won’t get breakfast today. Madhu says you said right. She asks Pratap to go and make lunch. She says she will not forgive him.

Santoshi asks Dhairya why did he risk his life for her. He asks can you do everything for me, can’t I do anything for you, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. She says Santoshi Maa blessed us and nothing happened to us. He says you gave credit to Santoshi Maa. She makes the mud stove. Dhairya clears soil off her face. Kaka gets vegs and asks Kaki not to worry, we will manage. Dhairya says I will do something, and asks Santoshi to take care of mum and dad. Kaka says I will come along, I can do some work. Santoshi and Dhairya stop Kaka. Kaka says don’t forget, I m not so old as I look. Dhairya says fine, come, promise me you won’t do work that hurts you. Kaka says sure. They leave.

Sweety talks to Sharmili. Sharmili asks how much money will you give me for my husband. Sweety says whatever amount gives you happiness and you free him. Sharmili thinks what amount to say. Madhuri and Daksha plan to stay in Sweety’s palace. Sweety says I know you are confused, this is blank cheque, fill any amount and finalize the deal.

Dhairya and Kaka visit some shops to get work. Kaka talks to a man and says I will lift these sacks. The man says you can’t do this work. Kaka says I can do this, you can give me half of the amount. The man agrees and asks him to load sacks in the truck. Kaka is unable to lift the sacks. The man asks him not to do this work, he can’t do it. Kaka says no, I will do it, don’t worry. Kaka lifts sack on his back.

Dhairya comes there and stops him. He asks what are you doing. Kaka says someone has to work. Dhairya says I will work, I m there. The man says I told Kaka he can’t work. Dhairya says I will work. The man says fine, I told him of half amount. Dhairya says I agree to it. He makes Kaka promise he won’t do this again and go home straight. Kaka leaves. Dhairya loads the sacks and talks to the labors there about work requirement. The man gives money to Dhairya for his work and says you worked with honesty, here is your bonus, you come tomorrow if you want to work again.

Ankur sees the hut and Santoshi cooking. He says I found their place, this will also get ruined in some temple. He calls someone. Santoshi tells Kaka and Kaki what her mum used to say, even if food is served in gold plate in gold cage, it does not taste like dry food eaten in freedom. Kaka says right. She asks him to get ready to have tasty food. He says we will have food together once Dhairya comes. Police comes there and asks him to vacate the hut. Constable says this is govt land, area officer called me, vacate this place.

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