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Santoshi Maa 13th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhairya crying and thinking of Santoshi. Kaka and Kaki come there, and see Dhairya. Kaka asks how is Santoshi, how did this happen. Dhairya says I m scared. Doctor says Santoshi has got internal wounds, we did some tests, we have to wait for reports, accident was critical, if she does not get conscious in 24 hours, then it would be hard to save her life. Dhairya gets shocked. Kaka says nothing will happen to Santoshi, her Santoshi Maa will save her. Dhairya asks what will Santoshi Maa do, I never prayed to her, why will she bless. Kaka says there is difference between Lord and human, Lord does not take revenge, if you pray for Santoshi, she will bless Santoshi. Kaki says yes, just pray for Santoshi and see Santoshi Maa’s powers. Santoshi is treated in ICU. Devi Paulmi laughs and says now no one can save you Santoshi, even if Devi Santoshi reaches on earth, none can save you.

Kaki asks Dhairya to pray for his wife, everything will get fine. Santoshi’s pulse rate falls. Dhairya goes to pray for Santoshi. He steps inside Santoshi Maa temple. Santoshi Maa says even I m shocked seeing Santoshi’s sudden state. Gaumata says you said Santoshi’s good deeds will give her long life. Dhairya sings aarti and cries. Santoshi Maa smiles seeing his devotion. Santoshi is still critical. Doctor says her pulse rate got zero. Nurse says Santoshi is critical. Kaka gets worried. Santoshi is still treated. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa to do something. Santoshi Maa blesses Santoshi and thinks why is my blessing nor affecting. Santoshi dies. Devi Paulmi says I changed the fate, even Brahmadev can’t do anything now. Doctor tells Kaka that they could not save Santoshi. Kaka gets shocked and goes to Dhairya. He signs no and cries. He hugs Dhairya.

Dhairya and Kaki cry. Dhairya runs to meet Santoshi. Kaka and Kaki ask him to calm down. Doctor says we tried our best, we could not do anything. Kaka asks what did you do Santoshi Maa. Dhairya says don’t take her name, leave me alone. He goes. Kaka says Dhairya is angry, no use to explain him, he got big shock, if we are unable to accept this truth, how will he do. Kaki says I can’t believe Santoshi is no more.

Santoshi Maa meets Yamdev and says Santoshi’s soul taking is not right, how can you snatch her life like this. He says the age was destined, I work accordingly, I can’t change Brahmadev’s written with my wish, I can’t help you. Gaumata asks what will happen now. Doctor asks Kaka to take Santoshi’s body. Kaki cries. Dhairya goes to Santoshi Maa temple and says I prayed for first time, you snatched your devotee and my devotion, now no one is with me, Santoshi was supporting me, why did you do this with me. He sits there in temple and cries. Santoshi Maa goes to see Santoshi, and takes a white cloth. She touches the cloth to Santoshi’s hand and that white cloth turns red. Santoshi Maa says someone planned this, I will find that schemer.

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