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Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanumaan watch online

Raja Dashrath is sure someone from the inside is involved in it. Who can it be? Devi Kaushalya says someone came once I left from here. I put both the kids to sleep. Raja Dashrath says whoever did it deserves death penalty. That person put my son’s life in risk. Hanuman looks at Manthra.

Maha Pishach is surprised that no one told him about that vanar kid who is so powerful. The Pishachs want to find some solution for Hanuman. Maha Pishach decides to meet Ravan.

Hanuman walks up to Manthra. He looks curiously at her. He tells Maharaj he did not see anyone breaking the Raksha-Sutra but I found it lying on the ground. Maharaj says it is not clear then as to who broke it. He tells his commander to thinks of ways to stop the Pishachs. Commander asks Yuddhajeet to be extra careful now. Yuddhajeet nods. Manthra heaves a sigh of relief as Raja Dashrath goes from there.

The citizens cheer for Raja Dashrath, Ram and Hanuman. Ram greets them with gratitude from upstairs. He asks Hanuman to join him. Hanuman stands next to him and greets the citizens. Lakshman thinks what I can do for my brother, Hanuman cannot do it. I will prove it as soon as I will get a chance. He took Bhaiya away from us. Kaikayi calls out for all the kids as it is time to eat food. Manthra is irked. I don’t know how she suddenly got so much love for Ram and Hanuman. My words mean nothing to her. Kaikayi apologizes to Hanuman for misunderstanding him. Hanuman reasons that elders should only bless kids. You are like my mother. A mother does not make any mistake in understanding her kids. Kaikayi is touched. She caresses his head. You are just like Ram. I have heard that you love laddoos. I have made laddoos for you. Hanuman agrees. I love them! Shatrughana says Lakshman Bhaiya likes laddoos a lot. Lakshman refuses to eat them. Manthra observes his behavior. Ram asks Lakshman to eat ladoos as he wont eat without him. Lakshman agrees. Hanuman looks at Manthra which worries her. Hope he does not tell anyone that I was in Ram’s room. Hanuman has a slight doubt on her. I did not personally see her breaking the Raksha-Sutra but she can be behind it. She leaves from there. Manthra thinks Hanuman did some maya on Kaikayi.

Lakshman is yet again irked as Hanuman sits in his place. Hanuman says sorry and is about to get up when Ram stops him. He explains to Lakshman that Hanuman is their guest. We should give our guests proper respect. He has already sat here so let him sit. Lakshman nods.

Yuddhajeet asks Manthra what she is thinking. Manthra wonders why Hanuman did not say it out loud that she only asked him to leave from Ram’s room. Yuddhajeet points out that vanars are dumb. It is good that he did not tell anyone anything. She also thinks the same thing. A soldier informs Yuddhajeet that someone has come to meet him. Yuddhajeet tells him to send that person in. It turns out to be Kalnemi. Kalnemi tells them that Ravan has asked them to come to Lanka right away. Manthra is sure he will punish them.

Ram asks the Daasi’s if they ate food. They say they will eat once the royal family eats. Ram gets up and everyone follows suit. You all should sit. I will serve food to you. they are pensive but he says I wont eat anything until you eat. They say you are going to become our king. He says it is the first duty of a king to serve its citizens. I too should get a chance to serve you all. Hanuman agrees with him. A King is nothing without its citizens. I will also help you.

Ravan is indeed angry with Manthra and Yuddhajeet for failing in their task. Maha Pishach calls Hanuman a big problem in their way. Everyone had Raksha-Sutra on their hands and then that vanar! How would we have won!

Ram’s brothers too join Ram in his endeavour. The Daasi’s look tensed. Ram relives them by saying that they should think that their kids are serving them. He also asks them to sit in their place instead of sitting on the floor. They politely decline. They sit down on the floor. Everyone serves them something or the other. Hanuman is touched by Ram’s act. Kaikayi enters just then. She angrily calls out for the Daasi’s!

Ravan advises the Pishachs to attack on the weakness of Hanuman. There is a weakness in even the most powerful people. Hanuman has only one weakness – Sumeru and his mother!

Kaikayi angrily questions the Daasi’s. Aren’t you ashamed to make your would be King serve you? You all only would have told him to do so. Ram is innocent. He would have fallen in your words. You all deserve to be punished.

Ravan is sure Hanuman wont stay back in Ayodhya for another second if Sumeru is in problem. The Pishachs understand the plan. Ravan says what Hanuman will do when both his friend (Ram) and mother will be in a problem. Who will he choose to protect?

Precap: Hanuman tells Raja Dashrath he has spread pious smoke in Ayodhya. I did not see any Pishachs here. Everyone is confused. The Pishachs attack Sumeru.

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